Carnival Schedule for Children: Mount Your Script and Get Fun!

The time has come to take the fantasy wardrobe and fall into the revelry with the kids! If you will be in Belo Horizonte and still doesn’t know what to do with the kids these days, check out this list with various suggestions of events by the State capital.

Always remember to ensure the safety of small and follow the tips of the military police to places with large concentrations of people. Take a bottle of water to ensure hydration and good fun!

The schedule may change according to the weather forecast. Before leaving home, check out on social networks or on the websites if the event actually happens.

DuBem Bloquim

A festive event and musical, which includes games, music and entertainment for children, pregnant mothers and fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles – every family!

25 and 26/02, of the 9:00 at 5:00 pm (parade at 3:00 pm)

Marcos Park Mazzoni r. Mr Bernardino Sena Figueiredo, 1022–new town

Making toys for Fun

Date: from 25.02.2017 until 28.02.2017

Location: Inhotim

The 10:00 the 12:00 and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

The Educational Station for visitors invites adults and children to build trend children’s toys to fall on revelry!Weathervanes, confetti launcher and barangandãs will make the joy of kids and coloring the Inhotim gardens.

Necup-Center for studies in Popular culture

The children’s Carnival will be in a closed block. Will have concerts, artistic interventions, toys, paintings and props. The animation will be Brazil Percussion block.

25/02, Saturday, from 10:00 to 5:00 pm

  1. Nossa Senhora de Fátima, 3322-Prado

Free admission

Pad Kids

Date: 25.02.2017-10:00

Location: Belvedere Raja Raja Gabaglia, 2671: Avenue-São Bento

Children’s programming: theatre/children’s Musical, Salãozinho, face painting, balloon workshop, magic, toboggan, trampoline and pool balls, Popcorn and Cotton candy at home.

Space NAP to drink up to 03 years

Adult programming: festival of craft beers, Food Trucks and Gourmet space.

Black Ball Pack

This block was done for children and babies. Will have dance and many games for the kids.

25/02, Saturday 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Village Jabuticaba: r. Orange, 30-São Pedro

Kids Carnival Mineirão

Shows with Pato Fu (toy), Charanga of Padês and Teodoro Patato clowns. There will be team mascots, rest area, changing table, foodtrucks and food court.

27/02, second, from the 9:00

Terrace of Mineirão

Tickets: R $25.00 and R $35.00 adult child (combo R $70.00) {space area kids} | R $40.00 and R $60.00 adult child (combo R $120.00) {vip space area}

The Baianinha-children’s ward of Baianas block Ozadas

The largest block of the capital will have a children’s ward with children from 5 years. Optional contribution is requested of R $10.00.

27/02, second, from the 9:00 (Concentration)

Freedom square

Rock the District

Beast Baby, newborn screening in revelry, Guegué, backyard Pernafolia Troupe, DJ Cateb (Bentiviuzinho Block) and ecological toys are on schedule.

27/02, second, of the 10:30 at 3:00 pm

Cruise market: r. Ouro Fino, 452-Cruise

Input: R $30.00 (whole) | Children up to 2 years do not pay.

Access to the rock will be until 3:00 pm.

Circus Hornet

The group formed by musician Bianca Moonlight and the pedagogue Fernanda Sander rescues traditional songs of childhood, like games and the reading of BPM, especially of the Clube da Esquina in varied rhythms of Carnival.

27/02, Monday, at 9:30

Concentration in r. Bocaíuva, 21-Santa Teresa (Rua Path Divinópolis and Paraisópolis Street)

Enjoy the holiday, fall into the revelry and have fun with your family! Kids will love to make a different programming.

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