Big Women and Small Men Caught: Man Wearing High Heels

Little man big: on the “Australia” Premiere, Keith Urban while wearing heel shoes, Nicole Kidman towered over him but still. We have the pictures.
Really Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman wanted to sit at the yesterday’s “Australia” premiere in New York not in scene. The normally-camera couples had something to hide? And indeed: instead of simple men’s shoes, Nicole’s baby wore a custom-made high-heeled. Which should be actually appear less the rich difference in size between the couple, installed but not really much: Nicole towered over her husband anyway.
Show the Size!
Size indeed plays a role in Hollywood: Tom Cruise, the by Katie Holmes is dominated by all five centimetres (and without paragraphs) had his fate willy-nilly accept, because all ex-girlfriends looked down on him. A final lamination attempt he launched at the wedding photo: Tom posed on a box to be at least on par with Katie.
Women’s Business
The gorgeous but also make hard compromises to bring their partner not in embarrassing situations: Janet Jackson strutting with regards to Jermaine Dupri increasingly flat heels on the red carpet at Harvardshoes, and Charlize Theron, sets common photos regularly her head on the shoulder of Stuart Townsend. Successful photos play an important role in politics, too. Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni try so desperately to hide the difference in their size by ten centimeters (!). He wears same paragraphs like Keith Urban, she resorts to flat ballerinas.
How it looks? Click through our celebrity Gallery of great women with little men!

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