Beach Outlet & Bikini: How to Combine

To raze on the beach, do not just have the most beautiful bikini in the world, you must also find the perfect beach exit. Following on with our summer special, we put together some suggestions of overwhelming combinations! Check it:

Dress + Bikini Will Take It Down

The coconut print is on the rise this summer! And this satin gown in the colors of the sunset is fresh and perfect to get out of the sea at the end of the day and spend the night strolling through the centrinho. As it covers the whole body, but leaves the shoulders on display, can be combined with that bikini will take that beautiful print fall.

Long Skirt + Draped Bikini

The long skirt gives that touch of elegance lacking in shorts and long pants. Not to mention that it dries faster and does not leave that feeling wet. As the idea is to let the bikini top up, it is important to think about the prints and create a harmonious look. Being black, the top of this draped bikini via Equzhou, for example, matches with almost any patterned piece, including this floral, which never goes out of style.

Camion + Bikini With Single Handle

The biggest difference between the dress and the camisole is that while the first one can be very short, the length of the second one goes at least to below the hip. As this jacket has buttons for much of its extension, can be combined with a bikini printed without problems, but we choose a white piece, to give a charm and leave a little on display.

Liked? Which combination suited your taste? All of them and many more are available there on the Le Lingerie website , so log in now and guarantee yours!

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