7 Ideas to Reapprove Wood Wire Reel

You can re-use reel of wood wire to make several pieces, and among the many pieces you can create, some have multiple functions like being decorative pieces, functional pieces and even differentiated furniture.

Tips to Make Reapprove Wood Wire Reel

If you want to use your wire and wood reel differently than the traditional little tables that are made with these pieces, you can choose to make a frame for your mirror which will result in a very different piece for decorating your space.And if you position this mirror in an environment where other differentiated elements are positioned, such as a very interesting indirect illumination, metallized pots with plants and very sophisticated decoration objects, the result will be even better.

Another different piece you can do with a wire and wood reel is a mini-book for your books and your magazines, which is also a very useful piece besides beautiful and different. And if you add casters to your mini-recipe, it will be even more functional, since you can also use it as a coffee table or as a coffee table in your party, so that your guests support their cups and belongings on this piece .

If you need a wall clock for some ambience you can use the side of the spool to be the base of your wall clock and add a wall clock machine with pointers in the center of the piece. And you do not even have to make a customization because the natural color of the wood will ensure more charm for your stylized wall clock via NecessaryHome. But there are many other options of parts that can arise from a spool of wire and wood.

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