60 Tips for Finding Your New Phone

Mobile phones can do a lot, and the advertisement fails thus also behind the mountain. You can find out what you should-when hardware and functionality before purchasing mobile with our checklist.

Mobile phones were once simple phones for on the go. Now they have evolved long ago to versatile communication and fun machines. But not everyone needs everything, and some interesting function you may not even know that she could make a lot of fun.

Interactive mobile
So you don’t pay what you don’t need, and even after the mobile purchase experience any unpleasant surprises, we break down what’s really important. Simply click on the area of our interactive cell phones you are interested in:

Basics: The Cell Phone As A Phone

Nobody buys a cell phone, so not to call. But how you make calls is as individual as your fingerprint. That’s what matters:

You need call often free hand to side to write something or even to type? Then you make on a built-in handsfree and the fact that your conversation partner also loud and clear enough comes across.

Discreet main thing? Once set, never change? If you belong to this type, you need to worry. If you have fun playing with technology and change, be sure that your mobile phone for example of real tones (i.e. ringtones, which are produced from real footage) can play. Making devices can use also your own MP3 music as ring or his own recordings-for example the barking your dog.

At home, in the Office, on the construction site, in the subway, in the meeting – very different environments with very different acoustical conditions. So you hear over the phone in the subway and not uncomfortably conspicuous in the contract negotiations, you can customize the call and SMS alerts of the situation with profiles. Be sure that the profiles can be reached with a touch of a button and can be individually configured.

Call lists
If you talk to much and with many different partners, you can benefit from quickly accessible and comprehensive lists. Sure, these are limited in the number of numbers and display the main call data (number, date, time) at first glance.

Vibration alarm
Whether in noisy or quiet environments: the vibrating alert silently shows you that someone calls. Almost all phones have it, but not all. Well, consider whether you want to do without it.

Enter the phone usually through thick and thin – therefore must it feel good not only at the store but a lot to endure. Rickety battery lid, shaky buttons, crackly housing and loose folding joints pain indefinitely.

Most network operators offer almost only have cell phones at Elaineqho.com, which are preconfigured for your services and applications. So far so good. The drawback: Often special keys are fixed, you can freely take on ungebrandeten devices. Reason to take enough constraints scrutinized and carefully to be weighed against the price advantage.

Around Writing

Speech is silver, write is gold? Well, almost. Anyway, SMS, MMS, instant messaging and E-Mail make the cell phone a comprehensive communication tool. That’s what matters:

If you write much, be sure that your finger like the keys of your new phone. Too small, too soft, too close to each other-then let them rather the finger. Some Smartphones bring full QWERTY keyboards – but often at the cost of very small keys.

Writing help
You want to say more than “Hi, I’m birthday party at Grandma ‘s”? Then make sure that the writing help of your new phone can adapt your vocabulary, by teach new words to her.

Touch screen
You don’t like to type? Some smart phones with Windows, Symbian and Palm operating system have a touch-sensitive display, on which you can write with a small plastic stylus.

The most beautiful writing functions are of little help, if you need a magnifying glass to read. Prolific writer looking for a large display and scalable font size.

Some phones have separate input-, output-and drafts folder-for each message type terribly confusing. Practical: Some show as much as possible by a new message right at entrance, without that you have to do something about it. Also a storage standardized according to own needs is useful.

If you want to send photos via MMS, check how many older models that it supports new mobile image sizes up to 300 KB and not only up to 100 KB.

Check whether the device supports a large number of mail accounts and understands both POP3 and IMAP. Many Smartphones can display also mail attachments in most common formats (Word, Excel, PPT), with some you can even edit these documents.

Gmail push
You are travelling a lot and also professionally and use E-Mail? Then you could benefit from an E-mail push service such as BlackBerry. Then you must not manually retrieve mails but get them sent as SMS directly to your mobile phone.

Instant Messaging
Especially smartphones with Microsoft operating system dominate even the quick message from desktop to mobile to laptop to PDA to…

Personal Data: The Mobile As An Organizer

Phone book, notes, passwords, dates – phones can replace maybe no Secretary quite sure but a greasy old paper calendar and note chaos in your purse.

If you want to save only a few phone numbers, you can handle any phone. There are but a few hundred, or even mail, postal and company addresses should however, and the birthdays of children be part of the data collection, the chaff is separated from the wheat. Ideal 1: Contact management has no fixed (and often too small) space available but shares the place with all the other programs-that is then dynamic memory. Ideal 2: Enter not only a variety of details per contact record you can arbitrarily extend the list.

If you really want your old paper calendar in the ton, the calendar should offer all necessary features like for example recurring appointments, reminder even when mobile switched off, ordinary weeks, day and month view, quick view of the most important Appointment data without long click as well as the date display on the home screen.

Simply practical: Fast what record without having to dig long after paper and pen. Not all phones can do that.

Task management
The fourth element of the classic PIM features helps above all professional users. But also stationary people can improve the efficiency of your working day so. Many phones have a rudimentary such feature, it is especially sophisticated operating system from Microsoft or Palm devices.

Everything nice – but the best data management on the phone is only half the battle, if it remains alone. Make sure that you can synchronize your appointments, addresses, tasks, and notes with the appropriate software on your PC, to be always on both devices up to date. Some devices can synchronize emails.

Many mobile offers a letter bags or wallet function. Here, you can put passwords, credit card details, PINs and the like and by a master password protect. An interesting feature in times of growing flood of password.

The Cell Phone As A Camera: Photo And Film

Still, no cell can replace the digicam in all walks of life. But many phones deliver sizable and printable results. That’s what matters:

Mega pixel
If you want to shoot with your mobile phone, you can be better not with VGA resolution (480 x 640 pixels) fobbed off.1 mega pixels is the minimum, with 2 mega pixel makes even printing out sense and with 3 megapixels you have ordinary margin of discretion.

Video calls
If you decide for a UMTS mobile phone, you should consider first, whether you have looking for video calls, where you will see your conversation partner and he you. If so, a phone with a second camera on the display or with a rotating lens is needed.

Video resolution
To turn out a movie, not only to send MMS? Then pay attention to ordinary resolution, best CIF (352 x 288 pixels), VGA (640 x 480 pixels) is even better – but rarely -.

Video length
On some mobile phones, the maximum length of a film is restricted, for example to 30 or 60 seconds or 100 Kbytes – very nice little. Therefore, make sure that the camera can take so long, until the memory is full.

Vision AIDS
If it is Dim or even dark, camera phones have often barely a chance. As revelers and party-goers make sure therefore that the device has a night mode and an illuminator.The latter replaced but no flash light, but allows for very short distances (up to about 1 meter) after all, even a photo. There is also already a few real flashlights (example Sony Ericsson K800i)-they shine a bit further than the LEDs.

So far only very few phones with optical zoom on the market-is nearly 3 x the maximum (Nokia N93). Of the digital zoom, you should make no mistake. At 1 to 2 mega pixels, you have to give no detail, especially at such window dressing.

Auto focus
Lenses with auto focus deliver often sharper images than those with fixed focus, but have the disadvantage that they also extend the shutter lag.

Transfer limit
Even if it sounds unbelievable: there are more cell phones, shrink the photos for sending direct e-mail to VGA format. Carefully consider whether you want to live with this limitation.

Shutter sound
All camera phones knippsen with a nostalgic shutter sound. This is quite nice, but also very immodest. If this bothers you, you should make sure that the sound can be switched off.

Music: The Mobile Phone As An MP3 Player

A little store, a piece of software-and it sounds the mobile phone as an MP3 player. That’s what matters:

File formats
Let’s not confuse full-bodied advertising promises: you check in before you buy, whether the phone supports also the file format in which so far digital keep your music. MP3, WMA, and AAC are most common, but not every mobile dominates all.

Ensure that also a stereo headset included with the mobile phone at the time of purchase and not just a mono line for an ear. Otherwise, you need to buy. If you already have a good headset for on the go, who should check whether the socket on the phone to fit or how much does an adapter. With some phones you can plug the headphones on the cable remote control.

Play lists
If you want to avoid not only a few songs from the PC to the mobile phone, but working with playlists, you should check whether your future phone either support your play list format or brings a PC software, with which you can assemble new lists.

ID3 tags
Most MP3 phones dominate the file organization based on ID3 tags like artist, genre, album and title – very handy if you’re tags well maintained. Some, you can navigate your music but only on the basis of folder and file names. The ideal mobile can do both.

Software problems
The manufacturer sets a software in the package, you should transfer the music from the PC to the mobile phone with the most cell phones. At the same time, many cell phones as external PC drive, on which you can transfer music and other files via drag -and-drop work. Some phones play well but only the music transmitted by software – goofy, even to load music to another as your own PC. Good cell phones play both types of files.

Let yourself be lulled by eloquent sellers not with miracle stories has built-in stereo speakers. Although occasionally there. But to any kind of music as of a broken phonograph sounds played. You definitely need a headset.

Storage and other capacity
One minute MP3 music in 128-bit encoding (for on the way sufficient) about 1 MByte needs space. So anyone who would like to use his cell phone as an MP3 player, needs a large memory card. But you do not be fooled: with some mobile phones, which are explicitly advertised as music phones, the number of titles for the reproduction of the software is limited (for example to 100 titles). As useless as much memory. Anyone want to take so much music, should think about one of the few phones with hard disk.

Special keys
Who would like to use his cell phone as an MP3 player excessively, settles to one with special keys for the MP3 functions.

Also in the background
Some phones can run the MP3 player in the background – annoying, if you want to play much text, or work with other applications on the phone and while listening to like a little music would.

Web And WAP: The Mobile As A Surf Board

WAP or Web – by rudimentary online services up to full size Web is all sorts of possible for mobile phones. That’s what matters:

Travel times query, read a few headlines, download a wallpaper – this goes via WAP with any current phone (only some big Smartphones have no WAP browser). If you want to surf but the real Web, hardly come to UMTS. And when it comes even to downloads, the UMTS Turbo HSDPA is the right choice. HSDPA reaches a good MBit per second – almost DSL-speed in practice. Still, the phone selection is limited but, and not all networks support HSDPA.

Important: The display should be large enough, otherwise it is really no fun. Here the Microsoft smartphones with 3.5 inch screen have the nose ahead.

Pop-Ups should block the browser and hide images. Then you can surf even faster. Many websites use Java-script – your phone should also support this. The minimal facilities include bookmarks, cache and cookie management.

RSS feeds
With the help of RSS feeds can look comfortable on your favorite Web sites, whether something has done there is, without having to surf the Web. Prerequisite: The Web site offers this service and your phone comes with an RSS reader. He then automatically brings you the latest news headlines on the display.

Interfaces And Memory

Mobile phones can meet also its status as a multimedia communication machines, they must be appropriately equipped. That’s what matters:

Bluetooth and infrared
You want to make a call and conclusion? Then, you must not continue reading at this point. Who for example want to business cards to other mobile phones or PDA Christine into the underground or with other mobile phone users want to share his photos on most direct way, should make sure that his phone at least infrared, better but also has Bluetooth radio. This is useful for many accessories such as headset, wireless stereo headphones, or GPS receiver. Please care, that your mobile phone supports precisely the Bluetooth profile you need for your purpose

USB is better suitable for synchronization with the PC. Who would like to use the phone as a replacement for digital camera, MP3 player, it should check whether files simple way between PC and mobile phone can be replaced. Ideally, the PC can use the phone without driver installation as a drive. Note: USB 2.0 is not USB 2.0. There is a variant with a maximum of 12 MBit / s (full speed) and one with up to 480 Mbps (high speed). The latter is offered but barely mobile phones.

Already, some Smartphones have Wi-Fi. With its help, you can include the cell phone in your private or corporate network or surfing at public or private hotspots (in hotels, airports and similar places) with top speed on the Internet. The combination of UMTS and W-LAN is ideal. Anytime you have Internet at maximum pace available.

Internal memory
If you want to buy a mobile phone with megapixel camera and received maybe even mails with attachments, or install additional programs, the device should bring at least 15 MByte. For comparison, a photo with a mega pixel resolution needs about 200 KByte, five of them fill 1 MByte. If you want to use the phone as a MP3 player, you need so much more than 15 MB. Pi x thumb: 1 minute MP3 music in standard quality consumes about 1 MByte.

Memory cards
Many phones already have a slot for external memory cards that extend the often small onboard memory. Two subspecies of the SD-card – are the most common in the new equipment miniSD and microSD. In both cases, the manufacturers generally to the card supply also an adapter which fits the card in any device with an SD memory slot. In particular MP3’s friends should from the outset allow to purchase a memory card with the purchase of a music mobile phone, if not a large enough map is supplied.

Around The Display

Gray letters on a green background, eight pixels high? Those days are over. Today’s mobile displays correctly make fun. That’s what matters:

Display size
Make a call you can in principle with a stamp display – main thing, it shows the numbers big enough to. If you want it more comfortable at least 30 x 30 mm of used space should be. If you want to edit Office documents, as well as extensively and enjoy looking at photos and movies, you need more. Some Microsoft smartphones with 54 x 72 mm at 480 x 640 pixels (VGA resolution) deliver the peak value.

Display resolution
Sure thing: the more the better, no matter how big the screen is.Because the higher the resolution, the sharper photos are displayed, and the rounder and more pleasant the mobile represents outline font and graphics. Example: 240 x 320 pixels on 30 x 40 mm are the purest delight to the eye.

Display quality
65,536 colors are minimum, better equipment beam 262,144 colors on your retina – but only specialists are likely to notice the difference. Most importantly: Go with your buy candidates even before the loading door and check to see if you can read the display even in bright sunlight well.

Operating System: Backbone For Mobile Phones

There are many operating systems – detail we can they not discuss here, but wholesale. That’s what matters:

If you want to make a call essentially and need nothing else you nothing to note. If you like a bit playing around and want to extend the functionality of your mobile phone with additional software, you need an open operating system (OS). The most widely used should be Symbian OS UI ‘Series 60’ at the time. For Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, see whole lots of programs – shareware and freeware scene to mention commercial offers. You have the most fun with this OS with large-sized smartphones, which offer the necessary space on the large display.

Only in a few smartphones of the classics on the PDA operating systems is currently: Palm OS. Its advantage: a gigantic amount of free-and shareware for all purposes.

Ease of use
If you have your Favorites in your hand, be sure that you get along with the most important features right off the bat. Opens for example just how you write a text message or create a new contact or appointment? If you wring their hands with these basics and cry according to the manual, you should consider another system into consideration.

Java support
Java is a software platform on which to run many small programs which are available for mobile phones. If so you play with the idea, spice up your new phone with additional software, be sure that it supports Java. Attention: Java-script mix. This is used on Web pages.

Scope Of Delivery: This Should Be In The Package

A new phone is a beautiful thing. Especially when next in the package is what you need to enjoy the fun to the fullest. That’s what matters:

Data cable
Mean: You look forward right away to hang the mobile to the PC and to transfer your favorite music – and find no USB cable included. Rather look in the package before you pay.

In the car, you may call only with headset or handsfree installation. If you auto are much, it is beneficial if already a headset included with the phone. Caution: If you have already a headset, you should check before you buy, whether your old speech aid to the new mobile suits.

Memory card
Especially photo and music phones need a lot of memory. If you vary between several, equally expensive models, worth a look on the capacity of the memory card.

Ask whether you can operate your new phone without driver installation on the PC as a drive to transfer music and pictures. If not, maybe enclosed a software, which cleans the data exchange. If you want to synchronize PIM data (appointments, contacts etc.) with the appropriate software on your computer, you need a suitable sync program.

Ideally – but not always – the manufacturer supplies the user manual as a book and as a PDF on CD. The book can be easier to read, easier search in the PDF.

Conclusion: Mobile To Measure-No Problem

Although lets you customize your cell phone like a tailor-made suit tailor according to gusto, but also by the rod there are devices that can definitely what you need.

It sounds trivial, but often overlooked: you make clear before you buy what you would actually do with your new mobile phone:

Just use the phone?
Then it is just make sure that the key telephone functions are easy to reach. A nice display is also Nurtelefonierern fun.

Sometimes writing a letter?
Then they need a decent display, the appropriate Functions for your communication urge and good keyboard or nerves.

Entrust your data to your mobile phone?
Some people save a few phone numbers, others do your complete self organizationwith the mobile phone. This requires among other things the right Interfaces.

Shoot photos for the family album?
At Camera phones one of mass: the more mega pixels the better. On the other hand, no digital zoom through larger zoom factors is to save.

Fight boredom with music or Web?
In principle no problem-but if you aren’t careful before buying on a few little things, plays the supposed Music box due to lack of Disk space only two and a half songs or remains perhaps even completely mute. That Internet on your mobile phone? Can be quite fun if you consider a few things.

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