5 Tips to Leave Your Rented Apartment with Your Man

You live in a rented apartment, loves decorating, but you don’t know how to make your home with your guy? the folks at in my corner will show that it is possible!

Renting an apartment is usually a hand on the wheel, right? Requires less investment, is already ready, then just put the bags and move.

What many people forget is that, although sometimes temporary, and not belonging to you on paper, this is your new home, Yes! And leave the apartment or House with your face is essential to your happiness and feeling good coming home every day.

Especially for those changes of city or country, leave a corner with Guy home is crucial to when hitting the homesick.

To help you leave the House with your face without spending a lot, we’ve compiled valuable tips for you!

  1. Invest In More Flexible Key Parts, Which Can Be Taken To Other Places

This is more obvious, isn’t it? Some key pieces can make a big difference in your home decor and characterisation of new. The important thing is to think you care about most. The following are examples of our clients go on In My Corner to help you filter.

Receive friends at home is an essential part of the life of Rafael. He then invested in a beautiful wine cellar, which can be used in the future in their other houses.

Lived it chose to invest in stylish armchairs and a striking carpet that leave the rented apartment decoration with design’s face!

Other wonderful options that are often chosen are Eames chairs, Chair, geometric lamps, luminaires Allegra. Anyway, here is a taste of the customer.

  1. I Don’t Want To Paint The Wall? This Is No Longer A Problem!

There are so many wonderful solutions on the market today you can’t paint the wall is no longer a problem! We love to use wallpaper or fashion wall stickers in our projects. It’s very charming per square meter and you can still apply the DIY decor scheme.

In Nubia, the charm is the wall sticker dots, following the style of fashion, the Scandinavian style.

  1. Choose Comics Representing Your Identity

Comics are great choices to reflect your style. There are so many variations, themes and sizes, it’ll be impossible not to find one with which you identify yourself and that fits in your pocket.

On Luisa’s room, put a number of comics possible.

  1. Bet On Plants To Bring Life And Personality Home

The plants are being increasingly used in interior decoration. Vertical gardens, spider veins, succulents, are wonderful examples of your use indoors.

The Brennus sought In My Corner to optimize the use of space and leave nicely from home. Look how many lovely plants we put in his Office.

  1. Invest In Some Special Items Full Of Charm

Several options have emerged. Neon signs, lightboxes, stairs, decorative lights, maxi tricot, and the list goes on!

In the bedroom, we inserted the ladder and the blanket of Scandinavian decor.

We select these examples, all of rented apartments, to show that it is possible to let the new house with your face without investing too. The important thing is to think about what makes the difference for you and invest it.

We invite you to have a chat with our team, that’s really used to do projects for apartment rentals and small and discuss how to use the space to the fullest!

In My Corner has a working model different from the traditional and came up with the purpose of making the processes of change, reform and incredible experiences and easy decoration. Its main objective is that you have the dream house, without any headache. So, work with standardized and economic values for projects and maximum transparency at every stage.

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