4 Diving Watches, Which Are Waterproof Up to 3,000 Meters

Diver Watches For Extreme Depths

The deep sea begins at about 800 meters – a depth, in which no daylight penetrates. The beings who are humming here are astonishing at least as well as the following extremely watertight diving watches. Drop with Aquadive, Zelos, Breitling and Co. to the bottom of the ocean.

Diving Watch # 1, Which Is Waterproof To 3,000 Meters: Aquadive Bathyscaphe 300

The up to 3,000 meters of pressure-resistant watch comes in a retro look, but incorporates state-of-the-art technology: the scale ring is scratch-resistant thanks to the use of ceramic and the spring for the detent mechanism is precisely cut by laser. The basis for this is the Eta 2836, in which the day of the week was omitted. A helium valve ensures that any accumulated respiratory gases escape slowly when they appear, thus not damaging the housing. Of the Aquadive Bathyscaphe were built 500 copies.

Diving Watch # 2, Which Is Waterproof Up To 3,000 Meters: Zelos Abyss

According to timedictionary, the diving watch from the brand Zelos from Singapore carries the sea depth already in the name. Despite its waterproofness of up to 3,000 meters as well as the high-quality equipment with bronze housing, seven millimeter thick sapphire glass and helium valve, it is very favorable. Whether it is the simple Japanese automatic caliber Miyota 9015?

Diving Watch # 3, Which Is Waterproof Up To 3,000 Meters: Breitling Avenger II Seawolf

Conditions, which are fatal to humans, not only leave deep seas unimpressed, but also extreme diving watches like the Avenger II Seawolf von Breitling . Also their striking color reminds of some bizarre creature from dark depths. Behind the yellow watch face is a Eta 2824 with Chronometer certificate.

Diver’s Watch # 4, Which Is Waterproof Up To 3,000 Meters: Ballwatch Engineer Hydrocarbon Deepquest

So you dive Boliden art forging Ball Watch can still read, even at great depths, hands and markers are provided with luminescent gas tubes. Despite the filigree lighting and the mechanical inner life – a modified Sellita SW 200 with Chronometerzeug – Ball gives the shock of the clock with sensational 7,500 g. The collision with a submarine would thus at most harm the wearer.

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