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Vegetables that Are Good for Dogs

  • Did you know that broccoli and cabbage, lettuce can do very well to your best friend? Check out some vegetables that can be added to the diet.

How about increase your dog’s diet with vegetables? Colorful and irresistible, they rely on essential nutrients to supplement the daily diet canine. Cabbage, broccoli, carrots, among other kinds are sources of nutrients and can provide different types of benefits. Continue reading

Review: Quechua Gazebo with Locks

The gazebo is without doubt an item more and more present in family camping. An alternative to the old tarps, tents dispensing the presence of trees to stretch the cover come gaining more and more elements for the practicality and the comfort of the camp. There you can house the kitchen, the living room and the rainy winds camper, cold or mosquitoes. The Quechua 3 × 3 gazebo sent by the Decathlon to MaCamp to our professional analysis. Continue reading

How to Wear Panama Hat, What Matches

Use hat has become a habit among Brazilian to protect from the sun, but most are wearing the hat as abeauty accessory, especially if it is a Panama hat that has style and was present on the catwalks of SPFWand Fashion Rio. The accessory is more and more present in the day to day costume, a straw accessory that is almost a must. Thanks to the versatility of fashion that today it is possible to make thousands of combinations and various uses for the hat, goes from each style and taste to make the perfect match. It can be said that the hat is an unexpected element of fashion that the other side in your look, which can also be part of your style of your personal brand. Finally, the hat is an indispensable accessory in clothing, both feminine and masculine, just know how to make the combinations. Continue reading

Monte Versatile Looks with Knit Sweater

Check out how to wear a knit sweater in a stylish way and know how to bet on the trend without making a mistake.

Both for the chilly days of the fall-winter season and for the cool nights, the knit sweater offers stylish possibilities. The model fell on the wife’s graces and promises to continue high next year. Continue reading

How to Wear: Choker Blouse

You may still not love (I confess I still do not know if I like it!), But it looks like the choker sweaters keep pounding around here! This mix of t-shirt with choker has been fashionable for at least a year and is the result of several trends together, having been spread by it girls like the sisters Jenner, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid. Continue reading

How to Use the Beauty Blender Sponge in Makeup

Some products recently launched we ended up not giving almost importance, until several bloggers to post their videos on youtube teaching as uses them and proving that they work very well, as is the case of espojinha to do makeup Beauty Blender (BB), This is a makeup sponge that has won the female audience not only abroad as here in Brazil. Continue reading

Female Pants Adidas

German sports equipment, Adidas is regarded as the second-largest branch in the world, behind only Nike. This information that contradicts itself in Europe, because there, the mark is regarded as the number one in the market. The Attache was founded in 1920 by the young designer, with 23 years old at the time, Adolf–nickname Adi-Dassler, thus giving rise to the name ADIDAS. Continue reading

Nail Art French: Photos

The nail art are currently a real success and a lot of women can’t imagine without any design or detail on the nails. Until the nail French which is one of the classics when it comes to nail decoration for some time here is gaining different details leaving them increasingly stylish and full of creativity without losing the most important tips which gives rise to nail that French most women love. Continue reading

How to Wear: Tweed Coat

The tweed is a classic fabric, thanks to Coco Chanel. Today’s post was made especially to honor one of the most iconic pieces of the most famous stylist in the world:the tweed coat. The fabric originates from the Scottish region of the Tweed River, which was the great textile center of the nineteenth century. The tweed has a rough texture, and can be made entirely of wool or with a mixture of other fabrics, with colored patterns. Since the late nineteenth century, it was used to make coats and suits . In the 1960s, it was replaced by lighter fabrics, but resurfaced in the 1990s. Continue reading