How to Wash Stuffed Animals

Here at home the stuffed animals are a plague.
Bruna desgruga not them! Who ever read the story of Mimi (see here) you know what I’m talking about.

A few days ago I learned in a tv show how to wash effectively the pets to almost completely eliminate dust mites, which are certainly one of the biggest causes of allergies and rhinitis in children.

I’m going to tell you the correct washing process, and you can also turn into a delicious romp for the child learn how to wash and help. And there is no child that I don’t like playing with water?


First wash the pet on tap, shower or tub. Just to take the bulk of dirt and dust.
Then take a bowl with water and SOAP (I use the coconut SOAP liquid or powder) and make your hands, or even a faucet or showerhead connected very strong, enough foam. Here at you can get more different models of the home toys.

It is with this foam that you brush your pets!

Take the foam, and rub the puppy with a brush or even with your own pet. This foam that will remove dirt and dust as well as make it white, but won’t kill bacteria and mites.

Rinse well and then get the SOAP.

Put to dry in the Sun or in the dryer (as you usually do normally). The important thing is to not let damp. I’d rather put in the dryer especially the larger pets that have very filling, so they will dry properly.

Once dry put it in a plastic bag, remove air, and close. You can use those zip loc bag or close with a tape even.

And then comes the most interesting part.
Leave for 24 hours in the fridge.
Yes, in the freezer!

Negative temperature that will help eliminate the mites and bacteria, which do not survive long in the extreme cold.

After 1 full day in the “igloo”, the pets will be totally clean!

You don’t have to do this whole process every time. Unless the pet is very dirty.
If not, you can put it in the fridge a few times a week and wash every 10-15 days.

Liked the tip???
As you wash the critters of your children?


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