Xperia Xz: the New Sony Flagship Test

A bit sad, the development of my once-loved Xperia Z-series was right. The design has changed since the Z1 hardly, the technical details went at the best with the time and in the end the classic Z5 between the praised Z5 Compact and the innovative Z5 Premiumconcealed.

Therefore, I was quite relieved to see that the Xperia XZ finally brings a few new design accents into the Sony premium segment.Technically, the smartphone is once again class-like, but Sony understands its XZ camera technology as a fight, with the overall focus. So the phone scores at least with the aspect, which is currently particularly close to my heart. A test is therefore a duty.


Surprisingly Compact Cardboard, Manageable Content

The packaging of the Xperia XZ is quite handy, suggesting more youthful lifestyle than luxury with design and color. The first thing I received in the box, of course, is the smartphone, under which the accessories hides. This, in turn, is almost reduced to the most important: In addition to the charging cable in two parts, only a few In-Ears and two pairs of ear cushions in different sizes as well as a holding clip are included. Oh yes, a very short Kurzanleitung and a guarantee-papers are of course also in the box.

Optics & Haptics

The Design Is Pleasing

With 161 grams, the 5.2-inch is not just the light weight among the smartphones. However, the Xperia XZ is very comfortable in the hand, which is due above all to the reworked design.The corners of the phone are rounded both on the display and on the back so that no hard edges can be felt. I like this very well.

In general, the design is rare and then very elegantly interrupted by hardware components.Volume rocker and camera trigger give themselves in very flat construction with good haptic feedback, the power button is let into the edge and at the same time contains the obligatory fingerprint sensor in itself. At the top edge there is also the headphone-, at the bottom edge the USB-C connector. On the back, the Xperia waits with the main camera and flash. In this way, the self-contained design makes a very good impression.

In addition, I decided to test the color variant Forrest Blue, the optically very appealing. The hue is bright enough to be recognizable as blue, but does not drift into pastel or kitschy. And, moreover, #2: I can remove the sled for the SIM card without my own tool, so I always reach comfortably at SIM and microSD. I find this already very sympathetic, since I’m a great friend tool-free operation of all smartphone elements.


Full Hd Of The Top Class

A little wondering is that above and below the display of the Sony Xperia XZ a neatly wide margin prangt. For this the picture quality of the smartphone itself does not have any reproaches. On Quad-HD the panel dispenses and brings instead completely sufficient 1,920 times 1,080 pixels with. These give a brilliant white and a deep black again and convince also in contrasts and colors in every respect.

The maximum brightness is at an absolutely presentable level and lets me also in the outdoor use in the daylight still clearly recognize. There is also no trace of weaknesses in the viewing angle stability, so it is really fun to enjoy games, movies, pictures and more on the Sony display. This shows once again the profound expertise of Sony when it comes to screens.


Android 6 Ex Factory & The Well-Known Design

As software, the Xperia XZ Android 6.0.1 brings along and is unfortunately no longer quite up-to-date. Visually, the surface reminds me very much of my 3.5 years old Xperia Z1, which no longer really appeals to me. Homescreen, Icons and App Drawer have little news, only the new features of Android 6 as well as a few modern optical gimmicks like the new Lock screen were drüberdgehrt. All in all, the Sony software could tolerate a more fundamental and far-reaching refresher.

New compared to my Z1 is however the fingerprint sensor, which is installed at Sony in the power button. After the initial setup, the sensor reacts reliably and error-free and quickly moves to the login method number 1 due to the cleverly selected position.

On the Bloatware side the Xperia could be a little more economical. Whether Xperia Lounge ,AVG Protection, various camera effect appendages or other Sony applications such as thePlayStation app : There is quite a lot of useless on board, which I do not really need as a storage blocker.

Update: Just before the end of my test, the Xperia surprised me  with good news: The good 1 gigabyte big update on Android 7.0 is available. After the rather lengthy installation process, I also have the current OS available, which has hardly changed visually, but has some useful features like the multi-window support for the simultaneous use of two apps as well as advanced energy options. Certainly not a bad argument for the Sony smartphone.


Exceedingly Brisk Smartphone

32 gigabytes of internal memory, 3 gigabytes of memory, four-core processor Snapdragon 820-this sounds fundamentally sound. What makes the Sony Xperia XZ, however, is impressive. First the benchmark: At AnTuTu, the Xperia sits loosely under the top 10 and thrills with huge 143,742 points.

In practice, this is also noticeable, because the XZ maneuvering absolutely fast and without delay through app screens and load processes. Even before demanding games, the smartphone is not in the knee, not to mention classic applications such as Google Drive, camera software or various web and social media services. Here at Top-engineering-schools you can get more different models and styles. Only at the system start of the smartphone itself could everything go something faster.

In addition to the internal values, the Sony-phone convinces  with the current connection standards. The USB port comes with Type C, LTE, NFC and Bluetooth 4.2 are also on board.With WLAN, the smartphone oddly to the standard ac, here have Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7the nose ahead.


The Camera, Which Supposedly Can Do Anything

No other feature is in the Xperia XZ-how could it be 2016 also different-more in focus than the main camera. Predictive laser autofocus and RGBC infrared sensor are only two catchwords, which should provide excitement. How much you can expect in practice, look at us now.

First a word about the camera software: Again, this is once again on classic Xperia level.There is little to see from professional settings. Although the software throws with one or the other option, but never reaches the level of professionalism, as the Huawei P9 for exampleguarantees. If you want to save files in the RAW format look as vain as friends of long exposures over 1 second.

In practice, the 23-megapixel clip is quite wacky, which is due above all to the very fast focussing and triggering as well as the very good color and contrast performance of the sensor. To the best results I still come with the manual mode and not with the boastful superior automatic. In addition to the photos, the camera creates way by the way also considerable 4K videos.

Picture Quality

The Picture Quality In Detail

In manual mode…


The quality of the pictures is convincing on the smartphone screen without restriction, but thenotebook shows some weaknesses

But first, the strengths:

  1. In daylight, impressively sharp and contrast-rich shots are achieved.
  2. Backlight shots produce a great mood with neat details.
  3. Even with Low Light, the Sony Xperia XZuses every bit of light for surprisingly bright shots.

But where light is, is also shadow:

  1. Even in good light conditions, some recordings are subject to excessive noise and detail poverty.
  2. Low-light images are mostly inadequate in detail.
  3. According to Sony, the highly praised predictive autofocus calculates where an object is moving and then points to the point where the object is located when it is triggered.In day-to-day practice, this hardly ever works out in daylight and provides frightful results at Low Light.

So I found the camera performance while looking at the  smartphone convincing, but on closer inspection, however, revealed some weaknesses.

A Selfie-Cam gives it the way and of course synonymous and the releases with 13 megapixels very high. The results are good to very good, so the camera for snapshots is always good.Once again, however, I feel that the sensors with the mass of the pixels are not completely unrestricted.


Good Phone Sound, Flat Audio Playback

There should still be people who want to make a phone call with a smartphone . Fun aside, with the Xperia XZ you are thanks to LTE schonmal receiving technically well set up. And also the sound during the telephone was convincing throughout the test. So I always understood my opponent even with a little louder ambient noise, just as I was almost without exception clearly and distinctly transferred.

The audio sound of the loudspeaker for media playback is a little less noticeable. That bass is missing, is classically typical. However, the Sony smartphone can not compete with the maximum volume with the partly also significantly more favorable competition. Likewise, the sound seems to be too flat and tinny, to convince right. Sure, you can listen to music anyway only by headphones or connected Bluetooth speaker. A pity it is for the 609 euro expensive smartphone nevertheless.

Battery Pack

A Battery With Sony Typical Endurance

Finally, I would like to take a look at the battery of the Sony smartphone. The Xperia XZcomes with 2,900 Milliamperstunden therefore and thus sets no real standards. In practice the phone keeps with everyday use including a bit of surfing, an occasional game there and three dozens of photos round the clock about a whole day through. The good old Stamina mode is also back on board and helps to save power.

When charging, the Sony Xperia learns by the way, over time, what the battery life should extend. This is how the software analyzes when and how long it is loaded, optimizing the speed of charging. As a result, the XZ still has a rather average battery, but scores in the background with the one or other useful software feature.


Powerful Smartphone, But Not The Big Litter

From the test of the Sony Xperia XZ I go with mixed feelings. Actually, I would like to find this smartphone great, I was already since the Xperia Z1 fan of the Sonys. But the result is for my taste to grow through. So on the have side the great display, an impressive fast CPU performance and not least the very nice, new design with attractive color in dark blue. Also that the phone already in the test period an update on Android 7.0 received, must be listed as a positive.

Less convinced me in return, the hardly changed design of the software, the visible weaknesses of the highly praised camera and the rather average battery endurance. The sound is still airy. This leaves ultimately the unsightly feeling that the currently 609 euros, which calls the smartphone, are not justified. In a direct comparison, performance-wise somewhat weaker phones such as the LG G5 or the Huawei P9 deliver better overall packages at significantly more attractive price. For the 4-star rating it is just enough.

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