Winter Tip: Trench Coat

Parts originating in military garb are recurrent in men’s clothing, and the approaching winter, the Trench Coat is a trend that must be taken into account in time to assemble the wardrobe.

The “trench coat” has its origins in World War I. Usually made of waterproof fabrics, was ideal to protect soldiers on the battlefield, currently was rescued by stylists who have a more sophisticated air to play, breaking some of the formality and “hardness” that referred to world war.

Trench Coat is the key piece in any look, for providing a heavier, it is recommended that if larger productions the spare visual. A jeans and a simple shirt already convey a “tidy”.

Tips on how to use:

-Shirt or t-shirt. Both options are good, stay tuned only to details. In the case of shirts, for example, the collar of a touch more in visual, without the need for other accessories.

-To avoid sole shoes feet lower, prefer high-top. In the case of more formal shoes, the thin beak are most recommended.

-Stay tuned to the length of the bar, because they are longer, the trench coats “diminish” your time, so it is not recommended to kids.

-Are usually made of neutral colors, but there are options very interesting for those who want to color out of the traditional. Always take into account the places and occasions where it will be used to exaggerate the informality.

Check out the looks below and be inspired to innovate this winter!

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