Which Case Should I Use on My Iphone 6 Plus?

Apple has launched new smart phones annually, these devices come to the market with much more autonomy, with greater storage capacity and especially, with ever larger screens.

The arrival of the Iphone 6 frightened much of the traditional consumers, its size, contrary to what everyone was expecting, escaped the standard set by the company in recent years. However, being a visionary company with qualities of the iphone 6, which is indisputable, Apple has decided to follow the trend established by devices of other brands and create screens better and better and with greater definition.

But the difficulties were easily noticed with the arrival of this new line of Iphones, since versatility of carrying the device in the pocket became impractical. In addition, the cell thickness was further reduced, causing an impression of fragility.

About the Iphone 6/6s Plus large screen.

As if the shock caused by the simple model was not enough, Apple then released a second version of the device: the Plus version. Being even bigger, it caused extreme fear to the first buyers. As if this were not enough, there were numerous rumors that the device created a slight curvature when loaded in the back pocket, due to the excess weight placed on the screen.

This problem, although controversial, was easily solved by the company. After recalling the damaged devices and replacing them with new cell phones that did not pose any problem in their structure, this factor became an urban legend and no longer affected users. But fears among shoppers continued.

The device that was already too big was not the first choice, and the Iphone 6 conquered the market, putting the Iphone 6 Plus in the background.

The Bigger, Better, so the Iphone 6 and 6s is also Plus.

One factor easily overlooked by smartphone buyers today is that even with a nanotechnology, the mechanism of a mobile device is completely compressed into a small physical space. The better the appliance, the greater the need to compress parts and mechanisms.

The advantage of a larger handset is that, because it offers more physical space, your system can be designed to take full advantage of the phone’s capacity. The Iphone 6 Plus, having a larger internal space than the Iphone 6, offers a higher quality in its operation.

It is important to remember that this does not mean that the devices below the Iphone 6 Plus are necessarily inferior. After all, the choice of an appliance varies according to your personal needs.

Qualities of the Iphone 6: The Positive Side of the Iphone 6 Plus.

Apple is recognized worldwide for the quality of its handsets. With the Iphone 6 Plus was no different.In addition to the size of the screen, the quality of the cameras, both front and rear are superior to the Iphone 6. The resolution of the screen is larger in the Plus version, and to ensure a quality of use, its battery has a greater autonomy when compared to the Other appliances.

Therefore, those who fail to acquire the Iphone 6 Plus because of its size are leaving aside other qualities that can be considered fundamental.

The choice of the iphone 6 plus ideal cell phone cover.

In a device like the Iphone 6 Plus the choice of a quality case is fundamental. One of the main reasons is that, because the Iphone 6 Plus is much larger than the current cell phone standard, when using this device your body will take a certain period to adapt to the new forms and the new keyboard.

Therefore, all care is required when purchasing a high standard appliance. One of the main mistakes of those who purchase an Iphone 6 Plus is to immediately seek out a case that is thin enough not to change the design of the phone.

These cases are usually made of silicone or of less resistant materials and are easily found in parallel markets for a price well below a conventional case. Many users spend months with a parallel case and feel no difference, yet others repent in less than 24 hours or after the first fall.

Know the Value of Your Iphone and understand why a hood for your Iphone 6 Plus might be the best idea to protect your cell phone.

A buyer of the Iphone 6/6s Plus has to always keep in mind the amount spent on his smartphone.Only by understanding the size of the investment will you understand that using a simpler case can be a threat and the damage will cost much more than the value of a quality hood.

Hit In The Choice Of The Hood.

One of the biggest flaws we see on the internet today is the bladder case . In a high-end device like the Iphone 6 Plus, for example, wearing a home-made blouse with a bladder is a relaxation. In addition to preventing the user from using the rear camera, depriving it of one of the best features of the device, this hood disrupts the connection of both the power ports and the headset.

It is necessary to keep in mind the fragility of a balloon hood. Although produced with rubber, the bladder does not guarantee impact cushioning as a common rubber case. What’s more, it does not offer raised edges to protect the screen and can be easily torn if your device comes in contact with some rough surface.

Protect Your Iphone 6 Plus Without Losing Elegance With Incredible Covers.

A practical choice for those who want to protect the Iphone 6 Plus, but do not want to lose the handsome design of the device is to opt for a rubber case. Both a bumper and a case that protects the rear casing of the handset are good choices for those who understand the need for greater protection.

The protection of the sides is as important as the protection of the housing itself. Many of the damage occurs because the device falls with only one point on the ground, this vertex absorbs all the impact and ends up causing problems in the cellular. A material such as rubber cases causes the impact to be absorbed and reduced, not affecting the cell with the same force.

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