Where I Said “Tell”, Say OnePlus: There Will Be Official of CyanogenMod for The OnePlus 2 Support

Now a year approximately since on Cyanogen accept the contract of exclusivity in the India with Micromax manufacturer so its ROM, CyanogenMod, was present in the country in the hands of the terminals of the company and of any other manufacturer. Something that forced OnePlus to develop a software alternative if he wanted to sell phones in the country, later born OxygenOS.

Despite the fact that the limitation was later overturned for OnePlus was a way of return and their latest terminals, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, have not come with factory OxygenOS. And it was not until today when, on the other hand, CyanogenMod offers official support for OnePlus 2, as seen in your GitHub repository.

The movements of Cyanogen

The acceptance of the ROM among users who go beyond the software factory at its terminals was spreading and CyanogenMod facilities increased until it became popular. So that, as we saw a few months ago he established as one of the most used software in number of users to the sum of the BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone together, that is, more than 50 million users.

Something that came two years after Cyanogen adopted the surname “Inc” to transform your ROM in a commercial product, an essential step in its evolution of product “home” and “minorities” (although at that time there were already 8 million users) to platform capable of coughing you stronger rivals. In fact already made it clear at the time that his goal was to be the third mobile platform only under Android and iOS (which, as we have seen, got).

The biceps of Cyanogen Inc grew considerably when neither more nor less than Microsoft take more than the eye to the recent company, participating in a $ 70 million investment round. Thus, with the necessary economic support and acceptance by users in crescendo, what ROM has settled as the operating system itself to capturing the attention of manufacturers such as bq, whose phone with Cyanogen OS was released a few weeks ago.

Making friends is further

Just over one month ago we did we echo that CyanogenMod would be compatible with a range of new devices, among which the Moto E and G in 2015 and some Huawei Xiaomi, were with a view to phone representative and most powerful in this year as the Samsung Galazy S6, the HTC One M9 or the LG G4. And This group joins today the OnePlus 2, No information for the moment that arrives to the other terminal of the Chinese manufacturer of this year, the OnePlus X.

This means that users who prefer the known ROM to OxygenOS (in the case of the OnePlus) can go directly to the repository and not have to make unofficial facilities, being able to choose between versions 12.2 and 13 of CyanogenMod. With respect to OnePlus One, in April this year received the official support of Cyanogen OS 12, something which our colleagues from Xataka Android proved during a month.

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