What Are the Rare Brazilian Stones More Used in Jewelry

When it comes to Brazilian wealth, quickly think about the natural beauties of the country:its beaches, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, forests and landscapes that delight locals and tourists. We can also think of the fauna, on unmatched biodiversity of our country, with thousands of species that are not found anywhere else in the world. Or in cultural diversity, or in food, in popular festivals or in handicraft. But usually we don’t remember one of the greatest riches of the country: the extraction of precious stones.

According to the Brazilian Institute of gems and precious metals (IBGM), there are more than 250 gemstones that can be found in the country, which occupies the first place among the geographical regions producers of precious stones. Want to know more about this national wealth and find out which are the most rare stones used in jewelry? Check out:

Brazilian natural stones

Natural stones are extracted from nature by different processes of mining, and the Brazilian soil is Rico in special stones, with unique color and shape, which are widely used in the production of jewels and semijoias. The production process involves a rigorous selection, cut and stoning in manual processes, resulting in unique and custom parts, which highlight the natural beauty of the gems.

In addition to your use in jewelry, the stones are also known for your impact in the body: they can help in curing diseases and physical, emotional and spiritual balance, with proven effects for many years around the world.

Rare Brazilian stones

Despite a wide variety of precious stones, some of them stand out by your beauty and your value in the market of jewels:


Emerald is one of the most valuable stones in the world, found in various shades of green (dark, light and yellowish, translucent or transparent) in the form of prismatic crystals and hexagonal. In Brazil, it can be found in Carnaiba (Bahia) and in green fields (Goiás).

The emerald symbolizes 55 years of marriage (Emerald wedding anniversary), and is also associated with various professions:advocacy, athletics, medicine and biology. Considered the “stone of love”, she is also known for its Mystic effects: load an emerald would bring the carrier your inner balance, peace, harmony and security when making decisions. How about include the look a necklace with Emerald pendant?


Found naturally in various tones (yellow, Orange, yellowish, brownish red and brandy), the citrus is a gemstone used no brazilian jewelry. His name derives from your color lemon yellow, associated with citrus, but when heated the stones take on a reddish hue.

Citrus was used in the middle ages as birthstones, and linked to the elements fire and Sun, she can strengthen the body, increase the provision and assist in the control of emotions. In jewelry, your natural beauty is enhanced by the stoning of stone, resulting in unique pieces. Bi-colored stones, even more rare, can be used in rings, earrings and pendants .


One of the stones found in Brazil and little known in the local market, the Opal has a brightness impressive, going so far as to overshadow the diamonds. The Opal can be found in various colors:white, clear, gray, red, yellow, green and even black, and in some cases it is possible to view more than one color simultaneously on the same stone.

The opals are mined in a national reserve in Piauí, and symbolize 24 years of marriage (Marriage to opal). If this is your case, how about Gifting with a fire opal pendant?


The grenade is a blood red color, with large concentrations of manganese, iron, and chromium found in rounded crystals or transparent gems irregular contour.

In Brazil, the granada is found in Minas Gerais and Tocantins, and their therapeutic effects include the balance of the heart rate, assisting in the control of blood pressure, and has positive influence on sexuality. Earrings, rings and pendants of granada are the ideal gifts for the 35 years of marriage (marriage of Granada).

Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets:the use of the rare stones in jewelry Brazilian is vast and known around the world for your quality and incomparable beauty. What is your favorite? Do you have a jeweled with Brazilian stones? Tell us in the comments!

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