Use Graphite Musical Techniques to Decorate the House

Art turns into trend, especially in children’s rooms. The choice of designs and colours print home some of the residents ‘ identity

The Mayor of the city of São Paulo, João Doria, has faced a series of protests on behalf of your attitude to erase the graffiti to the famous Avenue on May 23.  But know that it is possible to use the graffiti to decorate the House.

Apply graphite techniques, besides leaving the visual interesting, shows some of the identity of the inhabitants.

“In the past, the language of graffiti was used indoors by people with more refined taste who appreciate art. These days, the technique has reached any kind of audience, “says the artist Raphael Barcelos.

As well as the wallpapers and stickers come gaining space in the decoration of the houses, the language of graffiti can be used to customize the environment. According to the professional who applies the technique, this artifice has advantages over the other.

“Graffiti is artistic and handmade, so it has a larger value. In addition, it offers greater durability in relation to the wallpaper, because the drawings don’t need retouching, not rip and don’t degrade “says Barcelos, who works with the art for over 15 years.

Although the technique has already turned trend in diverse environments decoration of the House, is in the children’s dormitory where art gets more enthusiasts. “For every 10 jobs that I do, eight are in children’s rooms”, reveals the artist.

The bedroom of the small can make drawings of princesses, superheroes, Hello Kitty or what else the kids they wish. “Baby rooms walls have received drawings with trees, flowers and owls,” says Barcelos.

The common living areas, such as meeting rooms and halls, generally, they get cooler colors, pastels and various wall stickers, according to professional. Here at Buywyncote you can get more different models and styles. The place where the resident receives friends to barbecue or listening to music may make drawings more relaxed to compose the environment.

Those who want to keep the wall away from graffiti, hire a professional to do a work of art can keep the wall intact. This is because, according to Barcelos, there’s a “silent agreement” between Dick and who do graffiti, in which a no disrespect the work of another.

Applying the technique

The drawings can be suggested by the artists or even the internet can serve as a source of inspiration. At the time of applying the technique, remember that you need to take care not to cause a lot of mess. “To do the job in the House, I usually line the floor with a cardboard mat, and protecting the furniture with a tarp,” says Barcelos. To avoid that the corners of the wall are damaged, the graffiti artist uses rolls of brown paper.

To create something very accurate, as a verse printed on the wall in a particular written source, the professional uses adhesives as a template. To put them on the wall with the design already chosen, it’s only paint part leaked and then remove them so you can observe the effect without you getting smudged. To apply the language of graffiti in the decoration, the artist can use rolls with latex paint, air compressors, spray gun and airbrushing techniques, in addition to the spray. “It is possible to merge the tools,” says the artist.

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