Trend Alert: Militarism!

The Militarism is a trend that originated in the years 1940, the time of great wars made the noble fabrics were privileges. With this, it was necessary to reinvent themselves with fashion looks set to the body as pencil skirts and jackets with structured shoulders and waist.

Currently, the big culprit for the back of the military trend was the Balmain that incorporated those elements in jackets, pants, skirts and dresses coupled with many glares, spikes and glamor! However, the famous military print fabrics and shades in green and khaki also raided the closets and are widely used in reinterpretations of military uniforms. For those who want real inspiration, already had military look here on the blog!

The looks should have a woman’s touch, leaving the military only for the colors and prints just like the short dresses in moss-green shirts, belts and sheaths (fake, of course!). Already the combination with long skirts is the least literal, updates the production and is very modern.

With pants is the more practical trend is the combination of leggings or skinny jeans with parkas and heavy coats–in this case, bet on high heels to elongate the silhouette and the different t-shirts. Another option is to use the pants with camouflage print combined with sneakers and a blazer. To Olivia Palermo has already backed the militarism.

The mini length in skirts and shorts must also be explored, after all, exudes sensuality. In this case, the shoes can be heavy and is interesting to use Accessories such as scarfs , stamped leather handbags for women and maxi-colares to give a touch of glamor to your look! Are endless combinations that you can use with military trend, just can’t stay out of fashion!

You guys into militarism?

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