Treasure of Historical Jewelry: Priamo

The treasure of Priamo, discovered in Troy, in Greece, on 31 May 1873 by Heinrich Schliemann, has a fascinating history. Did you know?

Here at,taken from Greece in June of that same year for Schliemann, was in 1881 that the series of priceless objects were displayed publicly for the first time, in the Ethnographic Museum of Berlin, as a donation to the German people.

With the advent of World War II in 1939 the treasure of Priamo was boxed in three different wooden containers. The goal was to protect him from possible looting and avoid that were damaged by bombing. Therefore, underground Bank of Prussia, the boxes were safe until Berlin was taken by the Red Navy in 1945.

In an agreement with the Soviet authorities, the then Director of the Ethnographic Museum of Berlin authorizes the sending of the treasure of Priamo to the Pushkin Museum, along with other works of art and archaeological objects. However, this new “home” would be held in secret, and over the years the treasure of Priamo was reported lost.


In 1987, however, an official of the Ministry of culture of Germany is a document saying, “extraordinary objects are part of the great treasure of Troy, Berlin, ethnographic museum”. The gold discovered by Schliemann, therefore, should be in the Pushkin Museum-thought that employee. And to contact the Russian Museum, the answer was a Director angry about the implication of a possession.

Two years later, with the fall of the Berlin wall, in 1991, the Minister of culture Nicolai Gubenco declares not to know where the gold of Troy. He might be more likely in the hands of the Allies. However, a few years after the story of the treasure of Priamo would win the road your fair. On 26 October 1994 day, irritated Pushkin Museum Director Irina Antonowa, receives three representatives of the Berlin Museum and takes them to the spot where the treasure was found.

From 2009, copies of the most celebrated pieces are currently in the Museum of Berlin, but not spoken in restitution. Even more because it is a disaffection between Germany, Russia diplomatic and Turkey, claiming the right parts for you. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, was even part of an uncomfortable situation. The inauguration of the exhibition “the Bronze Age: Europe without borders”, in Saint Petersburg, on June 21 of that year, Merkel left the ceremony at which had just arrived and where even Vladimir Putin.

The Chancellor was informed that many of the pieces of the treasure of Priamo were displayed and considered a political error to be present there at the time.

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