Transform Your Canga

We know that Canga is an indispensable item in the beach bag/ pool.

It turns out that we often end up using this piece for other purposes …

Who has never used your Canga as a Beach Exit?!

But all care is little! After all, you can detonate your beach look if you make a poorly made mooring … including not favoring the body.

So today, in Blog, we at the Girl from Ipanema Shop decided to give several suggestions and how to transform her Canga into dress, short skirt, long skirt and even little monkey.

Check it!

The super larger Cangas combine as skirts composing with Bikinis and Swimsuits.

Here, the important thing is to stay connected if the colors are flowing, so it does not look like a carnival!

With shorter Cangas, you can opt for this dress look …

In the photo, the model even bet on a belt to compose the costumes after the beach.

In this photo, we have another dress model that can be made with Canga.

With this “twisting” on the tips you also have the option of tying it around your neck, in case you do not want it to fall off. We found the model beautiful!

If you’re more tied up and choose to risk a seam, the range of options increases!

Look how beautiful these ideas!

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