Tips for Using Paste Mix Body Chain

Hey, girls! Are you all right?

I’m here again! And today I will speak a little bit about the mix of necklaces–that Misturinha that we always want to do, but we are afraid to look like a shop window.

Most of the time, clothes and accessories talk to us. You put the play, you felt good, you think it’s consistent?! You play because it’s all right. You must observe and allow yourself more, so you will be able to abuse the mixtures by maintaining your style.

The necklaces have the power to increase or disguise the breasts, lengthen the silhouette and leave the look more charming and more elaborate. Anyway, it’s a thousand possibilities that, knowing how to use, transform any composition.

The long, with various chains or pendants that create a V, are super high and help give a more long torso appearance to the body. These models can be used with virtually all necklines.

Short and medium can be combined with collars of different sizes. I love using a short with a longer cord. I think it looks supercharming.

The maxicolares continue with everything. Normally, we use only him and the rest of the small accessories. But if you have two big necklaces that talk to each other, why not use it? So it creates the maxi effect playing with the pieces and it looks gorgeous!

And you still have the chains that never leave the scene. Today we find those of different sizes with fluffy pendants. You can abuse this combination because it doesn’t get heavy.

I put some compositions of paste mix I use in my day to day for you to inspire yourselves.

I want to know if they enjoyed it and what they would use. Tell Me here!

I’m kissing you!

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Srinivas Cheema

Bijus: Carol Gregori

He is a personal stylist, founder and producer of the blog Rafaela Coelho (our site) and the Instablog (our site).

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