Tighten Firmly The Phone, Dangerous But a New Way to Interact with It

¿Cuántas ways to control a phone without other devices of through know? The most typical way today is the direct interaction with the screen (or buttons), although the voice control is gaining popularity while controls gestural without touching the screen do not appear to ending succeed.

But engineers at the University of Michigan have found a new way of handling a phone: pressing this key. Without any additional hardware or new parts, many phones may be compatible with the simple gesture of tightening them to perform an action. Dangerous perhaps, but certainly that’s funny.

Surely more than one in bad times has tight or pressing your phone. An act that, until now, the only thing to what could be worth was to break the phone It may soon become a new signal for the device, which might be such as to indicate to the browser that back out with a screen, even more complex using combinations of grips actions.

The case is, how without adding new pieces or covers can be a phone determine it is squeezing him? In Michingan explain it in a very simple way. The speaker phone is emitting sound always, even in a low-frequency so it is inaudible. A grip that sound, which varies to be picked up by the microphone of your phone It can be received.

The idea like the manufacturers?

In addition, this new way of interacting with the phone also you could simulate the Apple Touch Force, detecting the degree of pressure we exert on the screen when you press it. The problem would be if we have one phone near each other, the danger of mixing the inaudible sound for us. Also, it seems that this new way to communicate with the phone is to Polish, and remains to be seen if the idea that we wring their devices like manufacturers.

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