This Week’s Outfit: Modern Dandy

To tie in with Wednesday’s article, including this week’s outfit inspired by the man’s main style ideals, dandy. An urbane Eccentrics whose character is stenfast in the current fashion winds. The cover is based onthe original Beau Brummels ideas about clothes, but in a significantly modern vintage.

Rain Jacket Ilse Jacobsen (circa 1540 ad)–the traditional dandy wont go to Naples to buy pastel linnekavajer and London for moss green tweedkavajer. Exotic places and modern metropolises in all honor, we are content to go to Denmark for a raincoat with matching sydvester.

Bag You Must Create (approx. 2210 euro)–Duffelbagen is hardly optimal as a bag for the Office, but stylish as sporty weekend bag or without pulp paper work.

Eyewear Oliver Peoples–not everyone can get away with marking black glasses as splendidly as Michael Caine, but for those who succeed, it is to be congratulated. Get the accessories are so expressive.

Shoes, Creative Recreation (1650 kr,–Is it other than to like these colorful sneakers?

Stockings Topeco ($ 50,–just because the shoes can accommodate more colors than the 70 ‘s collected, do not need the socks go in gray tone. On the contrary, it is better to continue färginfernot.

Chinos Our Legacy (1299 kr, Très Bien Shop)–Our Legacy has gone from exclusively producing t-shirts to an almost full collection in two seasons. The idea to manufacture classics in updated fit is nothing revolutionary, but Our Legacy makes it really good.

Shirt, Brooks Brothers (about 915 ad)–Although the number of new designers have chosen to interpret the button down skjortan and also succeeded well with this, does the original strong.

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