The Mobile as a Resource for The Education of Refugee Children? That Raised Some NGOs

The situation of the refugees It is worrying and does not seem to go to better despite the efforts that various groups put on several levels. One of them is Aliim, a nonprofit that fights so that all the world’s children receive education and whose main action is the Smartphone School Program, an initiative in which program as we can deduce the mobile is the key.

Several associations have his eye on technology at the time of that these children not be deprived at all and have minimal access to education. And no wonder, since apps stores have thousands of apps on education, only on the App Store already reach 80,000, according to The Guardian, where echo the proposal of Aliim.

Mobile and poverty?

This approach may seem contradictory since having a smartphone is not an expense, for the costs of the fee beyond the cost of the device. But as explained in Aliim 68% of Syrian refugees in the Lebanon have at least one mobile family. Many of them come from the towns of Beirut or Amman, where it is not too complicated to be performed on a terminal.

In addition, part of the Aliim program includes collecting mobile who want to donate to the cause, to be able to distribute in families who do not possess it. And get exactly the children education through mobile? With the app that the Association is preparing to be launched in August, which will operate at 80% offline, minimising the need for connection to the network.

The aim is that the children are able to an interactive education without cost and lack of classrooms, transport or instructors. Aliim they believe that an educational program from the mobile can partly solve these problems, and thus explains it Janae Bushman, founder of the Association.

Any smartphone can become a refugee child’s classroom. Wherever they are, they can be in class.

The brain is grown with the basics

The educational program initially will focus on basic literacy and arithmetic Arabian as well as general knowledge, including English and notions of Commerce and entrepreneurship in this sense. Is designed to be both individual and collective, and as said, There will be a large part of the available offline.

In Aliim they expect to reach 10,000 students from various countries at the end of 2017

In principle it will be aimed at children whose age falls between 12 and 16 years, hoping to reach 10,000 students at the end of 2017, adding programs in Amman and Irbid (Jordan) and Beirut and Sidon (Lebanon), and waiting also receive more funding and collaborations. Thus, if the first programs are successful, the organization hopes to bring it to more countries where there are more people in this situation.

Depending on the success of the program in the Syrian refugees, we hope that it can lead to other contexts where there are refugees, possibly South Sudan or Uganda. Different populations have different levels of literacy and technology, and the app should adjust in each case.

More initiatives with the mobile

In addition to the program of Aliim, the Government of Norway and the [World Vision](ONG have started a similar movement inviting developers to submit their ideas for the creation of an educational app for the refugees in the EduApp4Syria competition, the aim is get two educational apps for this population. Berger Brende, Minister of Foreign Affairs Norwegian, remember that is relatively common having smartphone given the key that may be in contact with their families.

Almost all households have smartphones. They are a crucial tool for staying in touch with friends and family as well as to access the important information.

Associations continue to fight because there are also traditional education options for children

War Child is another example of partnership that is working in e-learning programs, and in addition to these initiatives electronic associations continue to fight because there are also traditional education options for these children. Thus, the Aliim program need more help to launch the app and for this reason that it is looking for collaborators among technology companies, as well as volunteers who help with the code, design, or any phase of development of the app.

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