Tent Sobreteto

The Sobreteto of the tent is called “out”. He’s the one who makes the first shelter protection function primarily from the Sun and rain.But it’s not only that. Winds, leaves, twigs, dirt, serene and etc. also change or impact on the roof of the tent. The importance of this item is intrinsic in demand and concern for your camper’s tent, but it’s important to pay attention to some materials and some forms of informing the consumer.
The most common material of sobreteto in tents today is even the Polyester. There are some values that can be used for comparison between different makes and models, but the important item for aluminizing is a reflection of heat from the outside (not heating up the tent) and interior (not dissipating body heat in cold climates). Lightning protection Ultra Violet (UV) are also needed, because nowadays we have more tents with canvas waxed protecting of Sun and rain. The current materials let much heat stroke and this can be seen given the luminosity that sobreteto passes.
One of the features that are increasingly present in the barracks is “sealed seam.” Important as it is on the seams and seams of the cover where more enter water drops in the rain. Watch out for the type and quality of sealant and yet do the visual test and blow: hold the seam region against the light stretching right the cloth and see you can see microfuros. After that blow the region to see if air. Anyway, use seam sealant bought in stores to enhance or even renew this roofing type.
A hint of sobreteto during the life of the tent is mainly look after your external surface. In addition, always keep the waterproofing is take care of the main factors which attack the sobreteto. Are they the Sun and frost. Frost is the freezing of the serene in the morning that occurs in very cold regions. That’s exactly the effect of this freezing combined with the “Sun” factor that helps speed up the process of premature aging. The sun itself is also a factor impacting and the tip is to always use tarpaulins when the tent is maintained fleet is large.
During the camp, keep sobreteto clean and take care to avoid falling twigs, fruit or SAP. Avoid bird nests just above the tent also helps. Tighten the straps and attach all other strings so that winds don’t blow the cover and rain don’t penetrate. /cuide not to touch the sobreteto on internal dorm cloth. This prevents water entry in case of rainfall and ensures an air circulation between them providing a good thermal comfort. Keep it clean and dry.
Marcos Pivari

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