Stylish Nursery Rooms Decoration Ideas

It is shared with another, or for one child, the child’s room is more design and is decorated in the same way as a living room or a bedroom. We prove it to you in 10 examples…

We can see every day a little more, the decoration dedicated to children continues to grow. Now we decorate the nursery as the bedroom, that is to say with a choice of well studied colors, design parts and accessories headlights that respond to the trend of the moment. This is also the

reason why the iconic brands of the design are turning to the decoration of children by creating appropriate collections. It is proven in 10 points that the nursery can also be stylish and 100% design, without losing its soul innocent and joyful.

1 / The Designer Pieces Also Exist For Small

Chair Nobody of HAY, the Fermob Luxembourg Chair or the Chair of the “star” of Fritz Hansen are now available in miniature. Followers of the design, you should know that the key pieces from the designers are also available for children. Of what to do a decoration on measure, sharp and full of style that sets the tone in the child’s room.

2 / Make the walls of creative spaces

What child has ever drawn on the walls? To address this problem that can cause some problems When you’re a tenant, make the walls of spaces of expression out of the ordinary. As an example, OMY posters which can cover an entire surface. That’s the trick to doodle on the walls without damaging them…

3 / The lights are also important

Since the child is full of imagination, as turn his universe in place 100% creative base of design furniture and parts shifted. Among these quirky elements, fixtures. The design must stay childlike then we’re heading to the luminaire/Teddy as the essential light in rabbit or Eno Studio lamp in the shape of cat and dog.

4 / Furniture for child dare eccentricity

When it comes to the world of children, in fashion as in decoration we dare more color and originality of the forms. As an example the Magis Puppy Chair or the Chair Bambi of Elements Optimal. Decorate the room of his children with these design pieces, it’s an opportunity to have fun with the decoration and to venture into an area dedicated to that, through no fault of taste.

5 / The colors and prints are the same as for a room with adult

If the child’s room doesn’t lose in innocence and joy of living, she dresses however codes of the decoration of the adult world with the same choice of colors and prints that are identical: the cushion to graphics can take place in all parts of the house, just like the kilim carpet or the hanging chair. A good reason to look seriously on the decoration of children’s room to be able to switch each element from room to room in the idea to renew his decoration.

6 / The brands develop colors of paintings dedicated to children

Decoration brands definitely develop the universe of the child to make the nursery always a little more design and chic. We have an example resource paintings or the paintings Zolpan that offer fresh and tonic tones. This idea is a perfect example of the emerging importance of the decoration of child in our interiors… Offer colors adapted to the tastes of children, it is also make children sensitive to the art of living!

7 / The children’s furniture becomes scalable to not change every 2 years

Before, we were buying a cot then we went to bed for infant, toddler beds and bed for teenager. To keep a bed longer and avoid to change all the 2 years, design brands have thought of furniture for scalable child. Example Silvera Kids (in cheaper, and IKEA). Thus, development leaders transform nursery in functional and pleasant living space on a daily basis.

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