Style Guide on Sweaters

Winter is the time when you can mix most fashionably. Because during the transitional period, a shirt, a cardigan and a blue jeans are sufficient, so in the case of the really cold days much more must be conjured out of the wardrobe. The secret is to carry so many layers on top of each other, until you are able to withstand the temperatures: the onion plate principle.

However, not every man feels secure in dealing with this methodology. It offers a lot of potential for great, unusual looks, but also as well as sources of error, which must be avoided. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the onion tray principle in today’s style guide and clean up with possible sources of error.

First, There Are Some Basic Things To Consider With The Onion Plate Principle:

The closer a garment is, the closer to the body it should be worn. The further cut, the further over it.

The closer the garment is to the body, the simpler (unicoloured) and subtler it should be. The highlights and key pieces form the top garments.

Do not Exaggerate-More than four to five layers can make a man look like the Michelin man. Therefore carefully choose the layers and do not apply “too thick”.

But How Do You Apply The Onion Skin Principle?

  1. First and foremost, the onion skin principle is intended to keep the body warm even on cold days.Therefore, one should start with a white lower shirt. Freinripp is again strong in coming and can be worn again unscreened. However, to ensure that this is hidden under the coming layers, a wide U-section should be considered. The length should be enough to fit comfortably into the pants.
  2. As a second layer the classic, tight-fittinglong-sleeved shirt must not be missing. Especially gray tones and solid colors are the key to success. No further neckline and the compact fit warm both chest and arm area. Up to here, the onion bowl principle is very basic-oriented, but forms the basis for any cool look.
  3. The third layer is already much more multifaceted.Here you can either go to the classic jeans shirt, a cardigan or a thin waistcoat. Of course it depends on what your wardrobe is like.But let’s choose the jeans shirt as an example.
  4. We can now eitherthrow a sweater or sweater over the shirt .Just knitwear always takes the shirts to the point of the pithiness and makes the look more casual. However, if you have the bohemian look, you can also tie or fly.
  5. But this is not the end.A cool  vest or jacket can be worn over the sweater . Here at you can get more different models and styles. Leather jackets or blazers are also possible, depending on the look and style.
  6. As an absolute highlight, you can throw a cape over your jacket.So to speak, as the top bulb layer.Capes for men are relatively rare and so you have to look in the women’s department for unisex models. With a black cape without striking buttons or embroidery you can not go wrong!
  7. And to complement the onion bowl principle, there is also a nice, big scarf.As the proportions are often shifted downwards through the many layers, you create the necessary balance with a scarf.

I hope that you are armed with this style guide for the really cold winter days and you use the onion bowl principle to your advantage. For warmth, you can still look stylish as a man!

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