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Outfit: Strips and Cord
with ZALON by Zalando

On various blogs I’ve read ZALON by Zalando thereof, and I was curious. Really curious. Back from Asia, some kilos lighter and with the knowledge that I me further developed and so also my style of dress.Adult, somehow. After I have sorted out then just under 80% of my belongings and estate, given away, or sold, wish there was combined, pretty and practical after a wardrobe that is timeless. Because, I want to like thoughtful increase, with parts, which always go and like to under – and with each other.

Yes, and so I called the ZALON page on a quiet evening, browsed a bit, filled out my profile with all the questions about my style and sizes, and discovered Maryamong the many stylists. I don’t know why, but I looked at their looks and the accompanying video me and knew that it is. Maria knows how it’s done, and so I arranged a telephone consultation directly.

On Friday evening, at 19:30, my phone rings, Maria is on it. She asked me a few things, the conversation is nice and I’m somehow quite happy and excited. Less than twenty minutes we talk, then we hang up and I get a mail with outfit suggestions shortly thereafter. “Yeah, blatantly. This looks good!”I think. I am asked whether I would like to Exchange proposed parts. Nope, it’s not necessary. Fits exactly so, and so I am as mad on the package of ZALON. When it arrives, I unpack it directly. It was so nicely packed everything, with tissue paper and a bow. Honestly, it was like a birthday. Unfortunately I was so full of anticipation that I, thought no longer to make a picture of it, haha.

I unpack after the individual pieces of clothing and accessories, and am quite happy. Now, I have a few favorites. Only a single part not quite convinced me in “real”, I may not like the fabric, but not bad. After all, I’ve got a huge selection, everything keep is not in anyway from a financial perspective. Or I must only play Lotto and hope to win. Every single piece of clothing is chosen so that it fits to the other and can be combined. Even the shoes like also the small handbag were selected so that they are timeless and classic. I like.

And today I want to show you a first look from my ZALON order. A wonderfully relaxed rock of corduroy. A rock, the are both casual and relaxed, but also elegantly combine. I like him a lot and I’m surprised, because actually I can not so much do with Recordset {childhood trauma} – I thought so far. This, I’ve chosen my lightweight knit top by COMMA, which also came with the package. I really like the combination. And above all I can imagine the rock well with a pantyhose, now in the dingy and wet autumn.

How do You Like My First Look?

My first attempt with a stylist who advises on line, was more than gratifying. It is a great idea for all shopping muffle. If you have any questions, let me know at

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