So You Need Your Mobile Phone with Mobile Phone Shoes

Every smart phone user knows the problem: As soon as we start wearing gloves in winter, the simple operation of our smart phone has been done. In order to accept or type calls, we have to take off the gloves or do without our mobile phone. Or? Not necessarily!

Why Can Not You Use Your Mobile Phone?

Commercially available keyhandles can also be operated with gloves. Most smart phones do not work. The reason are the capacitive touch screens. They build up an electric field that responds to the finger. Your finger directs the current, which allows the exact touch point on the display to be adjusted. The problem: Normal cloth or leather gloves are not conductive . Therefore, you can not interact with the capacitive touchscreen.

What Is The Difference To Resistive Displays?

Resistive displays work differently than capacitive touch screens. They react to pressure. For example, the top layer of the screen is made of polyester and the underlying layer is made of glass.If one of the layers is energized, the exact pressure point can be adjusted. While a capacitive display works by means of alternating current, the resistive touch screen is the DC voltage that provides for the operation. In most newer smart phones, capacitive displays are processed because they have some advantages over the resistive touch screens.

Are There Any Gloves That Allow Me To Use The Smartphone?

Yes. On the one hand, there are gloves which can be used to release the fingers. So you can use your mobile phone without removing the gloves. Or you can compromise and buy gloves that will not take your fingers out. However, it also goes without freezing. The problem is known to the smart phone manufacturers, which is why there are special gloves on the market, with which you can also use smart phones with capacitive display. Various designs and designs are now available. The disadvantage: Depending on the type and look of the glove you have to reckon with corresponding costs.

Tip: This is how you make handy gloves

Even is the hand-held. If you do not buy new gloves, but do not want to do without your phone, you can also make your gloves easy to use . For this you need only a sewing needle and conductive yarn – a thread that conducts electricity. What is complicated in the purchase, you can get cheap on line or in a well equipped sewing or fabric shop. Close a simple pattern in the top of your glove. If the yarn touches your finger on the inside of the fabric and the touchscreen on the outside, you can now also use your capacitive display. How it works, you can also look back here:

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