Small, but Expensive: Bikinis Can Cost Hundreds of Dollars

The Famous Women’s Swimwear Requires A Lot Of Investment

Lots of money for little cloth. A bikini can cost up to $ 800 in specialty stores in Santa Catarina. And believe me, you have a waiting list. The factory sends to each point of sale no more than three pieces of each size. As 60 women are in the register waiting there are people who are without the bathing suit.

The manager of Valisere do Beira-Mar Shopping, Ivi Marques, says that these bikinis do not even reach the showcases. As soon as the factory delivers, customers at the top of the list are called and have two days to show up at the store. Bunker models and billboards are the most sought after.

Stylist and owner of a bikini factory, Lilia Trizotto knows very well why this feminine dress is expensive.It states that, although small, the parts require a lot of labor and long production time. Explain that to connfeccionar a bikini it is necessary to put elastic, sew, insert bulge and lining. In this process, up to five machines are employed.

The fabric has to be waterproof and high technology as it will face pool chlorine and sea salt, enemies of durability and colors. The desing of parts also requires investment in research and specialized professionals.

As it covers a specific and delicate part, it should be comfortable and wear well. The stylist points out that the price of swimwear is also justified by the brand, which adds value to the product, and by the investment in marketing.

Everything written may be very pertinent to women. But for men, it makes little difference. They are even interested in what the bikini hides.

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