Rakuten Fashion Week for Them

Rakuten Fashion Week is your opportunity to prepare the wardrobe to dress well every day, blending trends such as chess, printed T-shirt, sportswear and other combinations and looks that modern man seeks to always be fashionable. Whether with different colors, basic prints or clothes for any occasion, discover that it is possible to be fashion every day at Shopping Rakuten. Check it:

Casual Chess

Casual attire is synonymous with comfort for men’s fashion this summer. The chess is perfect to compose this look and can be combined with a undershirt, traditional jeans, a canvas belt and a leather slipper or a shoe. The ethnic is also present in the shirts and combines with casual pants and shorts . To make up this look, the men’s sandal resumes as a trend and guarantees a great look when combined with a belt of the same color.


It is not just the social and formal fashion that men’s shirts and polos live on. It is possible to maintain a fine sportswear style with pieces like these that have remarkable details and are comfortable and adjustable, mainly due to the diversity of the shirts. A casual shirt with a leather belt plus jeans and a moccasin or sneaker is the infallible combination for any man who likes to walk in style and likes to be well dressed at any time.

Shirt And Polo Shirt

Since we talk so much about jeans, how about putting on a look in the fashion pants? The black jeans, with washed and wrinkled, marry very well with the social shirts and allows to merge and innovate in the combinations of colors between pants, shirt, belt and sapatênis. If combined with that more detailed polo shirt , black jeans pants with shorter lengths are trends and also fit with a more sporty look.

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