Presentation of the Himalaya, the Fit Shack

Recently we did a post talking about the launch of the Himalaya, the Fit Tent. How is a new model he has generated enough curiosity so, in partnership with the high mountain Shop we decided to make the tent to parse better as were the details of that model.
We do not consider that a review, because we didn’t get to camping with it, we are just showing the tent and showing what we saw in the first Assembly.
Video presentation of the Himalaya Tent
A view of 360 degrees
General characteristics
Finish: the Himalaya Tent has a great finish, in every sense, seams, combo … all top notch.
Strength: one of the features of this tent is your resistance is given by the quality of the materials (aluminium and rods in espeques duroalumínio) by your hex format, with 4 rods at the base of support and by eight (that’s right, 8!) binders.
Weight supported: we did a test a little off the beaten path and after a lot of insistence of high mountain I climbed on top of the tent to view your resistance. She couldn’t take my about of 40 kg, but it is possible to affirm that could stand some 30 kg of snow on the tent.
Weight of equipment: Everything that makes Himalaya tent be sturdier, also causes she’s nothing easy, there are 4.9 kg (released by brand). It’s not a tent for trekking, to be carried in a backpack, is more targeted to an audience of high mountain or for those who want to camp in the most extreme places.
Format: the tent has a hexagonal shape, with 4 sticks interwoven, which gives a super strength. With this characteristic is self-supporting, obviously.
Specific features
See pictures of those specific features and details in the gallery below ⇓
Advancement and ports: the tent has two doors and two advances, a very large and spacious front and another smaller, to get shoes or any equipment that can stand outside (photos in the gallery below).
Binders: one of the main features of this tent is your stability and this is (in part) by eight (that’s right, 8!) binders.
Skirts: skirts around the tent, including extra protection where the skirts are
Ventilation Windows: this model has two vent Windows on the top of the tent, on both sides. In sobreteto the two Windows can be closed or stay open (held by a rod). In the bedroom with two Windows there is a zipper to open the fabric and leave only with mosquito net in this part.
Pockets: in the tent room there are two sets of pockets, each with two large pockets and a small one (ideal to put a water bottle or something you need to be standing).
Espeques: the Himalaya has 17 tent aluminum espeques in hex format.
Rods: 5 sets of rods in Duralumin, being 3:00 pm 2:00 pm red and silvery color. One of the (red) is much smaller and must be separated for avançê support. At the time of Assembly, the Red sticks should enter the channel marked with red and silver on the channel marked with gray. It is important to follow this rule as they are not exactly the same size and doing otherwise the structure won’t be right. The duroalumínio is one of the reasons for your resistance.

Fourthly, In hex format, with two dual-port fabric inputs and mosquito net (part), openings in the screen of mosquito nettingat the top, next to the ventilation Windows, two pockets, ringlet to hang lantern at the top.
Sobreteto: the tent has full sobreteto, 210T Taffeta Nylon/68 d, with impermeability of 6,000 of the water column. The fabric is thick and tough.
Floor: the floor of the tent is 150 d oxford Polyamide fabric with a sealed seam in the middle. Waterproofness of 6,000 of the water column.
Carrying case: the carrying case is quite spacious and even without being perfectly folded the tent quite easily fit in your purse, that has an external pocket.
Photo Gallery
Intended use
High mountain: their characteristics (strength, skirts, finishing,etc.) make it a tent designed primarily for use in high mountains. It is an ideal model for both expeditions in the Andes as elsewhere in South America or even in other corners of the world.
Patagonia (or other regions with winds and cold): another interesting use is for anyone who wants a tent that is quite resistant to winds, as the people seeking a model for camping in Patagonia. Besides being super resistant to winds and snow, closing sobreteto, bedroom and full skirts prevent cold air, that can happen only through Windows to vent at the top.
Brazil: But your use you don’t have to be just restricted to highmountain, it can also be used in Brazil, especially for those looking for an extremely durable tent. Gets the exception that when it’s closed air circulation is restricted mainly because skirtssealing the entire air intake at the bottom of the wall. We do not recommend for use in very hot locations.
For structured camping: worth it only if you really want a tent for 2/3 people, super, super tough and don’t bother with a tent more muffled.
For trekking/mountain: your resistance to wind and rain can be very convenient in some situations of mountains in Brazil, however, it is worth commenting that she weighs 4.9 kg what is not suitable for those who are looking for light equipment. Maybe it could be an option to not too distant expeditions or places that you can get with porters.
Technical data:
Weight: 4, 9 kg
Dimensions: 2.75 m X 3.85 m and 1.35 m tall
Capacity: 2/3 people
Impermeability: 6,000 mm in sobreteto and on the ground
Rods: 5 sets of Duralumin
Sobreteto material: Nylon 210T Taffeta/68 d
Floor material: 150 d oxford Polyamide
Carrying case: designed to pack in an orderly manner and quick.
This product was borrowed by the Mountain Shop for this section of photos and videos. This article is not a sponsored Postsince we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies of Reviews.
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