Plus Size Regata Jeans


Regatta: who does not have at least one in the closet? The piece is super useful and easy to match. It goes well with jeans, skirt, shorts, blazer and so on. In addition, nowadays, the options of regattas models are many, from the most basic ones, like the white regatta, to the more formal ones, like the ones of silk and still the jeans regatta, the hype of the new Collection Summer 2016 of Consciousness Jeans.

When popularizing in the 50’s, the race was no longer fashionable and became a must in any wardrobe, both male and female. Nowadays, it is no longer used only in gyms and leisure time and has gained more formal airs with applications of income and finer fabrics.

Racing Models

The most popular types of regattas today are “those that resemble combinations, with lingerie face”, which are made with delicate fabrics, like silk, and full of applications of lace and glitter among others.

But our highlight here goes to the novelty that is being increasingly used among fashionistas: the jeans regatta. As this is a joker fabric, which combines with everything, the jeans regatta inherited this practicality and, with it, gives rise tonumerous looks cool for the most different occasions.

However, there are many racing models. Despite being a simple sleeveless t-shirt, they can have different necklines such as U or V, straight cut, A, thin strap, wide strap and different fabrics.

How To Wear Jeans Looks

Most of the time, the women’s race comes as a complement to the look and not the main element of it, especially if this other element is a piece with many details.

A rule that is always good to pay attention: lap and arms on demand require legs with more behaved lengths, unless you are on the beach, pool, club, luau…

Look at the option below that Anitta chose. It’s a jeans race of thin fabric ofconsciousness Jeans, which may well be used in warmer weather. The print and wash in gradient brings a modernity to the piece. The singer also combined with the textured jeans shorts, forming a full fashion denim look and cool.

And since Anitta is not a basic person, she even tossed a color into the look with a scarf in place on the belt. Look that:

Tips For Using Regatta

There are no contraindications to the use of the regatta, whether you are fuller or thinner, the race is always a good option to set up the look.

If you are in the plus size women’s hall, avoid the modeling gown, which gives the false impression of more weight. Here at FASHIONXENIA you can get more different models and styles. The secret is to choose those that fall along the body, showing the unmarked form.

You also have to be aware of the arms, when the tiniest bother with that fat, it is preferable to put a jacket or blazer over.

In more formal environments (such as work), choose tanks with compliant neckline and thicker lugs and coordinate with blazers and jackets.

As for accessories, bet on powerful necklaces, interesting earrings, bracelet mix.

Whether it’s work or day-to-day running, jeans are always a good option. Meet the models of the new Summer 2016 Collection of Conscience Jeans!

You find all these jeans in the Consciousness Jeans store. Visit the Jeans Store at Brás at Mendes Junior Street, 395 or at Xavantes Street, 173 in São Paulo or find a reseller in your city, see here.

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