Packing: Episode “Find with the Family of the Boy”

Do bag is always a challenging business. But do bag for the weekend with the boyfriend’s family’s dog. You want to be Kitty because you go with him, but you seem like a nice young lady, because it’s with the family. Want to be fashion because you are one of those, but doesn’t want to be too because not everyone understands your eccentricity.Anyway, caught the spirit, right?

Friday, lunchtime, I went home with this challenge: get a small bag (because I don’t want to get to the House of in-laws taking your flat on the back, right?), looks for a weekend family programming.

As the task was difficult, I’d bet that tactic that never fails: a single color palette next and combinantes each other. So, it’s easier to get to combine all the looks with a single bag and shoe and thus reduce considerably the weight of your bag.

As the weather was weird and probably the days would be more ashes, decided to bet on looks with darker shades: black, gray, dark blue.

Well, decided the colors to outfits. The idea was to assemble cute and looks sweet with a twistzinho not to be boring. Let’s go to first?

Saturday was day’s ride through town, lunch with the in-laws and end the day eating Brigadier in little kid (with theme of Red Chapezinho S2).

The look was a cute little dress with frilled PB on the bar (all within our palette of colors) with fluffy femmes also PB (easier impossible) and make basicão. And it all ended up with a bolder face on the fringe bag (my newest baby-don’t-largo-for-this-world-and-yet-for-up-it was cheap).

Sunday, the day was a little bit more gray and a little bit colder. And it was day of lunch with family and then amend a tune.

For starters, I kept the bag and shoes (I didn’t say my bag got ninja?).

But replace the slim dress for a short black and a blue pullover (to Joy) with lace detail on shoulders.

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