Never Play a Angry Birds Was So “Real”: So Is HoloFlex, The Mobile Flexible and Holographic

After years of flat and rigid screens, for a while seems that they are the past and that they have to leave room to the curved as well put fashion on Samsung since its Edge S6 (that do not with the Edge Note) and occasionally images reach us of as some “tontean” with the flexible screens, mostly LG & the same Samsung. However, other manufacturers seek an application something different from this type of screens, as it is the case of HoloFlex.

This project focuses on from another perspective the flexibility of screens to the field of holograms, as it hinted at with the name of the project. In this way, its inventors looking to take the interaction usuario-dispositivo to another level other than which you see with screens sensitive to pressure, making this in three dimensions by also allowing a third axis but with Flex.

The stickers of loc chewing gum to smartphones

Holography is a resource that is used to create the three-dimensional feeling in an image or drawing for years. It is in this case that to a more “real” degree, since the flexible smartphone HoloFlex sensitive to torsion so the display items are due to this movement.

It is of a FOLED panel, i.e., Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode of 1920 x 1080 resolution. That Yes, the images are rendered in circular blocks of 12 pixels which are projected through a flexible network obtained by 3D printing of 16,000 fish-eye lenses, and as a result gets an image’s resolution 160 x 104.

As for other features, the HoloFlex mounted a processor Snapdragon 810 and 2 GB of RAM, with a 430 Adreno GPU. As software has Android 5.1 and supports OpenGL 3.1. In the video presentation, we can see that among all the applications that currently supports is a version of the popular game Angry Birds, replacing the usual “stretch and throw” for a phone to trampoline-style Flex.

3D printer for 3D printers

As we said at the beginning, in the past we have seen completely focused proposals that we saw these flexible screens in the concept of current smartphone, with 2D images, and its resolutions of vertigo to pose a type agenda format as we saw in the case of Samsung. However, the HoloFlex has another approach more in order to take advantage of this added level of interaction.

For which uses focused because its creators the HoloFlex? More than fun with games, says Dr. Vertegaal this type of technology It could be very helpful in 3D designs to introduce this third axis (i.e., a third dimension to the two having a standard panel). Also is mentioned to have a real feeling to make a videoconference.

The team plans to present it at the Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in the ACM CHI 2016, which will take place next Monday May 9th. Have the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Immersion Canada Inc..

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