Wanted to start apologizing for the lack of posts since Sunday. Now that I’m a fulltime blogger have tried to increasingly post content and I was always feeling guilty of not showing up here on these two days.

The truth is that I was not of laziness do not. The thing is, I’m in full swing here preparing new blog and because of technical issues, I had to stay this time without posting.

This week you will see such news around here, but, while they don’t come, here I am hitting point and taking the delay.

Last week I saw a lot of good stuff out there and, despite the domingão have passed no post, I didn’t want to leave to propagate my inspirations out there. So, here we go.

About Refugees And What It Takes In The Trunk

I thrilled with this series of portraits that shows what the refugees of war take your bags/purses/backpacks when fleeing their countries in search of shelter and peace in other lands. When you survive and ensure the survival of the one you love is all that matters that we realize how little the things we carry with us along the way. Life lesson, maximum level.

About Buy Well

I loved this post in Modica with practical tips for that moment when you really need to buy a new outfit. Well in the style that our post about fashion consciousness, the idea is to make the process more efficient and conscious, avoiding waste and regrets.

Especially loved the idea of taking time and wear your favorite clothes (those that you already have in the closet) before you go buying new.First because this will bring you a sense of satiety that urge to buy new and second because it will help you to understand what you really enjoy, that clothes go really with your style and what you should be looking for when buying a new.

About Google Be Doing Really Cool Stuff

The project Made with Google Code was launched in the middle of last year, but only now that I found out. I know that the blog should introduce new things, but if I only heard about it now, maybe some of you also don’t know.

The idea is to encourage girls to be interested by computer science, more specifically by cipher, an area of importance and absurd that has been growing every year.

Despite the relevance, computing is still an area heavily dominated by men. Google wants to change that by encouraging girls, early on, to be interested by science and realize how pooderoso can be knowledge about coding.

Between the various project initiatives, one of them caught my attention. Via the campaign website, girls from all over the world could collaborate with the design of a technological dress from the collection of designer Zac Posen. Through a super easy to use platform, it was possible to create animations that would be replicated in led.

The site is still in the air at full throttle and full of Nice initiatives. Peeking and be inspired.

About Exercise Maternity

No matter how much we fight against all these pre-judgments that society still imposes on women, one of them still seem especially rooted: he who falls on women who choose not to have children.

I found it quite interesting that view of Kim Cattrall (better known as Samantha from Sex and the City). Power woman assumed, Kim was married three times and has chosen not to have biological children, but, according to her, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have found other ways to exercise your maternal side.

The crazy thing is that, when it comes to this issue specifically, I realize that much of the prejudice comes from ourselves, women who cannot understand the others option to forgo motherhood in the most literal sense of the word.

I have a super friend who doesn’t want to have kids and we’ve talked a lot about the subject. According to her, your maternal side is fully filled out by your dog, the Tulle. The truth is that this word has increasingly expanded your meaning. And, in the end, is what it means to each of us.

About Having Attitude (At Any Age)

I’m simply in love with that Instagram. Helen Van Winkle has 86 years.With the help of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Helen has posted your first photo on Instagram in April last year. Today, a little over a year later, Baddie, as it is known in the social network, has more than 1.5 million followers, was at the VMA and practically became best friends with Miley Cyrus.

The secret to your success is your mood, your way and your youthful Joie de vivre. And, of course, their looks wonderfully colored and fun.

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