Magic Gloves: Inheritance of Deceased Champion Polish Guide to Tri

Anita Wlodarczyk became super winner at launch after compatriot died Kamila Skolimowska.

A gray glove, faded and seams patched carries a story of friendship, gratitude and titles. In the left hand of Anita Wlodarcyk, Olympic champion and world record holder in the hammer, the memory of a fellow pioneer in the inspires more and more overcome. Owner of the 11 best brands of all time, the Polonaise competes to this day with the accessory used by Kamila Skolimowska, friend and mentor that went gold in the 2000 games and died prematurely nine years later. Anita was with her at the end of Monday, when he made an incredible reaction to evidence if world champion claimed in London.

I always think of Kamila and, of course, I’m using the glove as in Of course it wasn’t the performance I expected, but I’m world champion and that’s the most important thing right now. I was hoping to throw over 80 m or even try the world record, but now I’m happy for the gold.

Anita took the Medal with 77, 90 m, away from your world record of 82, six. The Silver went to the Chinese Zheng Wang (75.98), and bronze with the Polish also Kopron Malwina (74, 76).

In Sydney, Kamila became the youngest Olympic hammer champion at the age of 17 years. It was a worldwide phenomenon and a national model for aspiring as Anita. Three years younger, she started before I dreamed of being a cyclist. When she met the Athletics went on to train under a bridge in Poznań, in Poland. The competitions came from 2005 following in the footsteps of friend and evolving year by year. Kamila, however, didn’t see the pupil overcoming it. In 2009, a pulmonary embolism he suffered during a workout in Portugal killed her to 29 years of age.

Kamila glove, by then quite used, became Anita charm. Was given as a present by her father, Robert Skolimowski, along with a pair of sneakers. And in the same season of tragedy came the first major title of Anita, Berlin world. In the following years she would become the first woman to throw above the barrier of 80 m (the best of life was 6 ‘ 5 and 76 Kamila) and would dominate the race, being bi and tri world now with world record after world record.

-After we had at home died Kamila, tons of releases, things high quality professionals in which young athletes would love to have decided to divide them among several promising athletes, and Anita got the best part. Who knows the Kamila continues training wherever you are, but I’m sure she will always be helping Anita – said Robert, the IAAF.

In this second, really the impression was that a force from beyond came in Polish assistance. In qualifying she was second best with only one release of 74, 61, in the Polish medals took too long to engage. Made only 70, 45 m in the first release, burned the second and made 71, 94 m on the third, brand that still left her in the surprising seventh place. Only the first eight would have entitled to three free throws following.

In the fourth round finally Anita disenchanted with a 77, 39 m. She would improve a few centimeters in the next release to nail brand that you would yield the world’s third gold of his career (77, 90). No evolve in the sixth and last chance, had to wait the Chinese Zheng Wang terminate your participation to celebrate. Picked up the flag of Poland and ran at the Olympic Stadium in celebration.

I had some serious technical problems in the final. First I hurt my finger over my first practice in London and it was pretty painful. And I started having cramps in the second. It wasn’t easy and I was pretty mad at myself, but I didn’t want to disappoint the fans. I was a little nervous, but I have to thank everyone for their support.

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