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Today we bring you some more about the Demillus to anyone who is looking to buy the products of the brand but would like a little guidance. The Demillus, which is one of the most traditional brands of lingerie from Brazil, producing intimate fashion since 1947, strives to update and maintain your lingerie in the expectations of brazilian woman accompanying the fashion and the market trend. Keep-if renewed during this time is one of the biggest challenges of Demillus, and with the products of this post we will show the result of this effort.

DeMillus collection has everything what women want in a comfortable and beautiful materials at lingerie, parts that wear well and leave the beautiful body, a touch of trends and good prices. The bras and panties with lace and tulle show and hide the body, a game of seduction that women love. The sophistication and femininity of the income and the boldness and modernity of tulle makes a perfect game to get in your lingerie drawer.

The sexy lingerie weren’t out with corsets that model just right. Don’t shake, add value to the breasts and shape the waist. With the right accessories like a beautiful sexy tulle and satin mask and handcuffs with mooring on satin can spice up your night!

The shirt in lingerie with lace and crack on the sides will win you over: Dress comfortably, are fluid in the body, the materials are of premium quality and will let you more beautiful at bedtime. The TRIMs and details such as bows and rhinestone applications leave their lingerie DeMillus even more special not only for your day to day, but also for their romantic nights. It’s easy to choose the ideal with the lingerie DeMillus: affordable prices let us choose everything!

Where to buy DeMillus

The DeMillus still have Body of income, Modelers, Robe, and many other items that will complete your lingerie drawer. Are you thinking of renewing your underwear? Keep an eye on display in Specialità DeMillus. Here you will always have the best options selected by our consultants, and with that special service to our customers and friends already know. Personalized service and special just here at we Lingerie Specialità your visit!

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