Led Lighting Provides Peaceful Sleep and Welcoming Environment

When we’re pregnant, planned a number of things that can help us to experience a new routine after the baby is born, you need basic care that help provide quality of life and safety.In addition to organizing the outfit and accessories, we need to devote a bit of our time, even during pregnancy, to decorate the baby’s room. And on that last point, we can’t stop thinking about the lighting corner where the little guy will take the naps, relax and sleep soundly.

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It is important to think about the kind of light and how it will be distributed in the room because the lighting in the right dosage is essential to a peaceful sleep, which is valuable for the development of the babies. The experts have no doubt that children who sleep better learn more, grow in a healthy way and gain a lot of mood.

So, still in gestation, is important to opt for products (lamp, luminaire, lamp) to promote a peaceful sleep ritual for the baby and thus offer a cozy feel.

As a mother of a 1 year and 5 months, I have no doubt that, among the factors that influence sleep (such as disease, hunger, over-stimulation that decrease the hours of sleep and amount of new information received throughout the day), is an inadequate lighting, capable of harming the rest of the kids.

I realized, over almost 18 months building a special sleep routine for my son, that babies are very sensitive not only to changes in the environment such as tension, worry, anxiety or insecurity of parents (all this transfer to the baby, which reacts with intense crying, cramps and insomnia, among other behaviors), but also the lack of a soft light.

About it, talked recently with the energy efficiency Group Manager Neoenergia, Ana Mascarenhas, who listed valuable tips for those who want to control the intensity of a light bulb and, thus, create a pleasant environment for the little ones. “For the baby’s room, it is important to choose dimming lamps, which allow for the variation of the intensity of the light and can be found in specialty shops in lighting. There are compressed and adjustable LED lamps fluorescent “, says Ana at Listofledlights.

She explains that this type of product is even more economical and helps to decrease the value of the electricity bill. Some brands of dimming lamps consume between 80% and 90% less than a conventional bulb and last from 15 to 25 years. “LED bulbs have low energy consumption. An example: october 1 watts has as one of the benefits the good light distribution and enables economy “, reinforces Ana.

And more: the LED does not emit mercury and not ultraviolet Ray, according to Ana. In other words, are safer for the baby. Another suggestion for the small room is to invest in a luminaire with low power, also called light of night security. Most models have on and off button. In addition, call on the socket. There are others, however, that work with batteries. “Are options that illuminate well and practically do not consume energy,” adds Ana.

In my son’s room, switch two models: a lamp with power well short connecting in the making and one that runs on batteries. Both offer a soft light, which illuminates the room comfortably to the vision of small and rarely contributes to awakening. Oh, and are ideal for moms who wake up several times a night to breast-feed. I used a lot of the light night security during the period of breastfeeding and I highly recommend.

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