Leather Backpacks Chic Trend!

Not great, no clutchs, these last few weeks the fashionistas bet for a new accessory: backpacks. But it is not a question of any backpack, that we use to keep notebooks and folders to go to College, but rather a reissue of the classic backpack.

In a more sophisticated version, the stock exchange whose origin dates back to prehistoric times, reinvents himself to editorials, and above all, fashion blogs. In referring the backpacks chics!

The new chic bags have everything: they are aesthetically beautiful, possess the size it takes to keep our “essential” for the day (or night), and are mostly comfortable. This last attribute is the most interesting because you can use them in the traditional way, in the back, on his back, or the chic bags can be loaded as authentic handbags. Here’s the formula for success, is your dual functionality that makes it so attractive.

For both the day and the night, the backpacks chic are some of the most coveted accessories of the season. Not surprisingly famous designers and companies are already including in their collections. Dooney & Bourke and Mientas while Longchamp keeps the traditional monochrome model of nylon with leather cover. The most adventurous among them, Diane von Furstenberg, Pierre Hardy and Marc by Marc Jacobs, bet for eye-catching patterned, with bags of fluorine from Nine West, and the bright alternatives for Victoria’s Secret. In terms of colors and textures, everything is permitted.

How to combine a chic bag

Directly related to the emergence of the new glam grunge, grunge or backpacks chi, are ideal for a casual style. Torn jeans, leather jackets, plaid dresses are perfect or with Add-ons like this bag. But don’t be afraid to use them with a more glamorous look, satin leggings and animal print jackets also fit perfectly with the backpacks chic.

In the field of shoes, no doubt, the sneakers are the best allies of backpacks chic.

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