How to Wear the Jumpsuits?

Because it is one piece, you do not have to spend time thinking about combinations;Here are eight tips to avoid making a mistake when wearing your overalls

Yes, the jumpsuit is that garment that makes it easy to dress.Being a one-of-a-kind piece, you do not have to think too much about combinations, just dress it and that’s it.Whether winter or summer, overalls are always a good option.

Options on the market is what is not lacking.The most common, according to personal stylist, Luciana Alves, are those of fabric and knitwear.”Neckline will take that fall, handle, sleeve, all these are quite common,” he says.

Overalls x Bibs

Two very similar pieces, but, at the same time, with significant differences.Many people often confuse overalls with bib, however, the parts are different.

The overalls are a unique piece that covers the entire upper part.The bib is more open at the part of the bust and has handles with preachers.Another difference is that the bibs are usually made in jeans, while the most common fabric of the overalls is the mesh. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

The assembly below shows the difference between the pieces, in two looks used by the blogger of Fashion Coolture.

How to wear overalls?

So as not to leave you in doubt, four looks were fitted with overalls and little monkeys to be worn day and night.Suggestions that can be adopted already, for you to dress in an elegant way at all times.


The suggestion of a look was made considering the use of the overall work environment, following the guidelines of the personal stylist, Luciana Alves.The overalls are undecorated and formal, so do not leave your arms exposed, the tip is to add a coat.On the feet, heel shoes to leave the look more elegant and, in the hands, a large bag to fit all the items needed for a day’s work.


Overalls are also a great choice when it comes to dressing for a wedding.In the market, there are several models that combine with the occasion, being of fine fabrics, with transparency and income.To complete, wear it with heeled sandals, clutch and a striking lipstick.


The little monkey may be the ideal piece for a sunny Sunday.Choose a lightweight and patterned fabric template, matching with a little dress, medium purse and sunglasses.


For a ballad, the little monkey is doing very well.Models with details and necklines are great options.Also worth investing in colorful shoes if your little monkey is of a neutral color, such as black or white.Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are necessary complements, choose one that best matches the monkey model and invest.Small bags or clutch help not to leave the look loaded.

8 tips to hit the look

Although overalls are one piece, making the mission of dressing much easier, it is important to know some tips that can make it even easier to put together a beautiful and error-free look.

To do so, we’ve listed 8 tips you can not miss before using your jumpsuit:

  1. One of the tips that Luciana gives is that if you wear a belt, combine one of the same color as the overall “not to create a contrast in the waist and give the illusion that it is bigger,” he guides.
  2. Another tip is also to use the shoe of the same tone or very similar to that of the overalls, this will help to lengthen the silhouette.
  3. “To wear a jumpsuit in the cold, just add a jacket, a blazer or a thin long-sleeved blouse,” says Luciana.In the heat, the tip is to add costume jewelry to increase the look.
  4. It is important to be careful with the overalls, since it is a piece that marks everything, according to personal stylist.”The more chubby, with protruding belly or broad hips, should avoid, as it emphasizes the fat,” he says.If the body is rectangular, the belt should be the same color as the overall, so as not to give the illusion that the waist area is even larger.
  5. The trim of the overalls has to be perfect, regardless of the model.”It should not be too tight, too loose and the length can not be short,” Luciana adds.
  6. For the personal stylist, you can use the overalls to work, as long as the job is not very formal.Her tip is to wear loose-fitting jumpsuits that do not show too much arms, giving preference to long-sleeved ones.
  7. In more formal events such as wedding and other parties, you can also wear overalls.Provided that you give priority to the most elegant models and fine fabrics.
  8. Accessories are always important to fit any look and is no different with overalls.Wear it with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and wallets.

Where to buy overalls?

Overalls options on the market is what they do not miss.Be the coolest overalls to be worn in formal and nocturnal ceremonies, whether little monkeys, which are the shortest overalls, to wear during the day on a well-deserted walk.Just choose the model that most suits your style and acquire.

To make the job easier, a gallery with several options of overalls and little monkeys to choose from:

How do they use it?

Get inspired by the models used by the bloggers and learn how to combine with the accessories, making the overalls become a beautiful and powerful look.

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