How to Use Shirt Jeans

The shirt jeans won women’s wardrobe space due to your versatility and adaptability the various occasions and times of the year. The different existing models, provide a greater range of varieties, your version with long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless, in addition to the various types of cutting for each silhouette, differentiated and wash the shirt details make this possible.

Another point in favor of women’s denim shirt is that with the right composition you can use it at all times of the year. Some of the tips that you can use is to fold your sleeves, use the buttons open, close only the last buttons, tie a knot and let the belly shows, among other possibilities.

How to use Shirt Jeans

First tip, do not use with denim shorts, unless it is white or a different color of the shirt, using all jeans will make you look like a cowgirl, and I don’t think that’s the intention, unless they are two tone noticeably distinct, yet it takes a careful. A tip to give a broken when using two pieces of jeans is to use a different color and large, can be something close to Brown. For other colors and fabrics is valid, simply match the shirt jeans.

Another tip when using the two pieces in the jeans, use the shirt open with a plain t-shirt underneath, can be a blouse, white is a nice color, it helps to take a broken in visual not be all very in color of jeans , however, is not my favorite combination.

You can quietly use with legging pants, leather pants, skirts and dresses. With some patterned fabrics is pretty cool. Use on top of the dress is too much, it’s more of a tip. With respect to accessories, everything depends on the occasion, I like to use with handicrafts, handmade bracelets and earrings.

With respect to the shoe, there is no restriction, you may use of closed shoes even Hawaiian. Just use common sense.

The shirt jeans adapts very well to different looks, and occasions, look how it looks cool with colorful accessories.

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