How to Make Tanning Healthy

The beauty industry has launched a strong weapon: the cosmetic oral.

But how does it work?
The concept of “inner beauty” means the administration of supplements in the form of comprimati, vials, drinks and shakes that predominantly contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, plant extracts, essential oils,

enzymes, amino acids, Coenzyme, scum and marine extracts.
These balance the skin affected by pollution, stress, ultraviolet, free radicals and dietary deficiencies. If in spring oral cosmetics are recommended for detoxification of the skin, in the summer you can use cosmetics that help tanning.
You can also use supplements with vitamin D and calcium, to secure the calcium in the bones. The effect is wonderful.

Essential elements to sunbathe safely
They prepared skin supplements and ensure an even Tan, even 2 weeks after your stay, but not a substitute for sunscreen. These are richi in essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, which maintain the elasticity of the skin. Of course, the most important is the associated natural beta carotene with vitamin B, E, zinc and selenium. Also vitamin C and PP are important in summer.
To moisturize and heal the skin, vitamin E is required, the complexes of fatty acids and extracts of currants.

Is suitable to take oral cosmetics in the morning, with plenty of water. These operate within a few hours, after which you absorb into your body. The effects are seen after 2, 3 weeks but are not recommended for pregnant women or women who are breast feeding.
American researchers have discovered a drug that speeds up the process of pigmentation of the skin exposed to the Sun, but the effects of cancer, such as ultraviolet rays. It’s called Melanotan -1 (MT-1). Is a synthetic version of the hormone that expel melanin, the pigment responsible for skin with bronze.
People who used the treatment you have 2 bronzed faces as soon as possible, and the Tan lasted 3 weeks more than usual. The medicine is still testing in the United States, and hopefully not be sabotaged by the machinery industry of polishing karoserie with ultraviolet.
It is also said that, it helps to re-pigmentation of gray hair. This can do much harm to the market of hair tints. However, wait before you buy it illegally on the internet because the texts are not finished yet, and we must know all adverse events.

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