How to Keep Healthy Nails

Your nails are brittle and browsing? the shorten and break all the time? Don’t despair, there are remedies for healthy nails.

The cause of the peeling of fingernails might be an unbalanced diet, work in the home or garden. Climate change, water absorption and infections can damage your nails. To have long, healthy nails should make a healthy diet and a cure. Here are some tips for how to protect your nails.
Use A Moisturizer
Have your hands in water for a long time, make your nails more fragile. If you use detergents or chemicals you should use gloves. After washing the dishes use a moisturizer to keep your nails soft and hydrated.
Inner Beauty Is
It is known that a balanced diet helps to preserve the beauty. So enter daily multi vitamins and minerals in your diet. Iron, calcium and vitamin B deficiency lead to peeling nails. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, help absorb iron, eg. Strawberries, cereals, vegetables.
foods rich in Omega-3, such as fish nuts helps maintain healthy nails.
Use A Stabilizer for nails
If you have brittle nails using a stabilizer. This gives it a shiny appearance. Use products that contain keratin, vitamin E, minerals like copper, magnesium and calcium. Use the stabilizer before the enamel.
INFO when the hangnail will dry up, the protective layer of nails becomes more sensitive. For this, don’t forget to use oil for their maintenance. (warm olive oil is very good)

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