how to dress a small stature

In our figure consulting category, you will get practical tricks and tips on how to present your figure stylishly. A little expert knowledge and a clever styling can work wonders when it comes to staging your figure.

“Klein, but oho”: This proverb meets the point! E s are quite a few advantages of being small. This means that you can wear every heel height without exception, and there  are even clothes that are just made for you or are especially good for you.

Highs And Lows

Highly should it go for your covenant: the higher he sits, the better! For both pants and skirts, you can extend your legs so visually.

This effect is even more pronounced when you are wearing the top (loose in the front for your pants), or you can put it all the way into the waistband and wear high heels.

On the other hand, your cut-outs can be cut deeply, as this optically lengthens your upper body.

What Does Not Fit Is Made To Fit

Especially for small women there are special short sizes, also in our shop . As a general rule, you will be pleased to have your pants and skirts cut to size in regular sizes, because you will be able to pick up more precious centimeters on the leg.

Extra tip: Pants that show your ankles lengthen optically while shortening 7/8 or 3/4 lengths.

Prints & Colors…

Tone-in-tone combinations or all-over looks in one color stretch, so jumpsuits and maxi-dresses as well as suits and costumes are your best friends.

Longitudinal stripes not only make you look bigger overall, but also visually reduce the silhouette.

You should use subtle patterns and bright or bright colors that appear in the foreground and thus make the silhouette seem larger, you can use tactically, depending on whether you want to conjure up longer legs or a longer upper body.

Short Or Long?

Both! Both on tops and on skirts and dresses, on the other hand, the spice is short. Modern cropped tops, bolero jackets as well as short jackets and blazers optically lengthen the leg and with short or knee-length skirts and dresses show leg.

Trendy exceptions: Maxirock & dress. In contrast to their reputation, they are very well-off with small women, with a high-waist waistband also stretching the legs.

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