How Game Developers Can Take Advantage to a Coup D’Etat

The potential of Asia in the market of mobile speak continuously, something that is not surprising when we find that represent large percentages of population around the world and countries that are home to hundreds of manufacturers, being China and India which tend to star in the news. However, there are aspects beyond the population that represent an advantage for the market, such as the fact that there is a coup d ‘ état.

“Advantage” and “coup d’Etat” in the same sentence? Such which, since that approach Jakob Lykkegaard Pedersen, co-founder and CEO of PlayLab, one of the latest projects of Lykkegaard since it installed in Thailand and is now the country’s most powerful games development company. Thus, the developer speaks at VentureBeat potential of Asian markets and emphasizes the fact that the complex political situation in Thailand has helped the growth of your company.

The reef of the four walls

Unfortunately, the living Thailand today is not at all something new. This paradise that is continuous destination of leisure travel and Honeymoons carries around a century in a very turbulent political and social situation, and in fact the coup he referred to Lykkegaard is the second in the last ten years (2006 and 2014). What is reef which sees the developer in this situation? What people spend much more time at home.

One of the main factors for a coup is that people spend a long time at home, which means that they play more. Instead of going to a theme park, you stay at home and spend the money on games for mobile.

Lykkegaard indeed expected that this situation will benefit your company in the next release that prepares for the market of video games: Super Slam: POGS Battle. One incentive to the fact of the country per an ideal place for business is suppose to be the lower investment costs.

Three keys for success in Asia

Lykkegaard is convinced the oxymoron of the beneficial coup, plans to go much further and obviously their business model not only is based on the political situation to facilitate ultimately spend more time playing. The developer plans specific strategies for countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, markets that are as we have seen are of growing importance for example in the case of LINE.

There are three keys to Lykkegaard so a development-based business takes advantage of its potential

According to studies carried out in these markets, to the developer must three keys so a development-based business takes advantage of its potential: the operating system, the price and payment method. According to Lykkegaard, it is essential that the product meets certain premises in these three aspects to make it work in Asian markets, being these the following:

  • A product that is (at least) for Android: given that is the dominant platform in the continent (and globally).
  • A lower price: According to Lykkegaard users will see much more attractive prices with just to get a few baht (36 to 29 baht, which translates into about 12 cents).
  • Payments by operator: the fact that in-app purchases are charged directly via telephone operator and not a credit card it gets easier for the average customer to invest, since in many cases there is no credit card.

At the moment the developer has fared well, and as we said already has several projects in the country since it is installed on it and the current is one of the most powerful. So that, in spite of his thesis, bittersweet apparently Lykkegaard is correct and Thailand can be a very attractive market for game development. Hopefully in the future than it by the complicated socio-political situation.

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