Found in the Carrefour

If you have a post that makes success here are my “findings” around. I love panning in supermarkets because it always has cool items with excellent cost benefit.

This time I went to Carrefour see what he offers to our Babies & Kids!

I swear I was surprised not only with the Organization of the runners, but also the variety of items. It’s been a while since I don’t frequent this supermarket by having no very close to home. But now I will visit more often.

I’ll start with this roll pad! This guy is super helpful to put to bed the children not only to decorate, placing under the sheet and do as a protection for the child not to fall. I do it all the time on my bed! I found the cute prints and the great price, R $19!

For those looking for themed sheets, also has some options.

Going to clothes, I’ll start with some “findings” as these kits with bodies super cute and hard to find. On average R $6 for body. Good huh?!

And what I love is to find Navy Blue pieces for children use at school. In the Carrefour has the warm sweatshirt, pants and jacket, leggings and pants. It also has white smooth t-shirt Prices between R $12 the R$19! I love these sweats for use as pajamas in the winter. The set comes out less than R $40. Value hard to aflanelado pajamas. #ficaadica

For boys who like planes, macaws are full of clothes in this theme. And for the girls, there’s a lot of princesses. I thought the quality of the shirts and dresses. It has almost all the princesses.

Cute printed leggings! Always super helpful for girls.

The Kits I put panties on Instagram and I bought to start fly from Manu, since I need in quantity and the fact of having characters always becomes more attractive.

Shoes for babies R $19!

Socks and slippers

Plates, cups, pacifiers, baby bottles, banheirinhas, bedpans and all kinds of accessories:

Birthday suit embroidered with great cost!

And Pj’s!

I’m super in favor of mining in supermarkets as it is always possible to find cheaper items and that leave nothing to be desired to purchased in stores!

Kisses and we’re going to start the week!

* K *

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