Find Out What Summer Sandals Are for You

The  sandals summer are indispensable for those who want to face the high temperatures with comfort and style.  The good news is that the fashion world offers model choices to please the most different tastes. From basic to discreet to bold and flashy, the variety is immense.

See 4 choices of summer sandals

If you have not yet decided on your favorite model for the summer, it pays to check out the top choices of sandals to wear with your shorts and  dresses. See below four of them:


Absolute trend in the 2000s, the gladiator sandal made a triumphant return to the fashion scene in 2015 and promises to stay in 2016. The model with length to the knee and  thin strips is controversial: there are those who love and there are those who hate. But the options to stylize the look with the footwear are ample.

There are mooring or zipper versions, with or without heels, in neutral colors-black, brown and nude-or in striking shades like  glamorous  golds. It’s worth keeping an eye on the trend to decide which one suits your style best.


Also surrounded by controversy, the flatforms are sandals with  straight and well structured platforms,which have painted in the parades of sophisticated brands like Chanel and Prada. Perfect for women full of attitude and who do not like to go unnoticed, they become the highlight of any production.

The flatforms appear in different  colors and models,from the basic black and white double to vibrant tones such as red and blue. The platform was not only successful in sandals, but also in closed shoes and boots. Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni, for example, is one of the followers of the play.

Cover with opening

Inspired by the classic piece by the Hermès brand, the sandal with opening in the back is an ally of women summer after summer. This year, the highlight goes to the pieces with applications of  stones and glitter,with cross straps or containing geometric prints and  animal print.


Anne Hathaway and Miranda Kerr are two celebrities who have joined the Birkenstock style sandals,also known as papetes. The main feature of these shoes, which were fever in the 1990s, is the rubber or cork  outsole-in addition to the thick straps that guarantee style and comfort.

In 2015, brands like Céline, Prada and Chanel reaffirmed the sandal as a fashion item. In the current versions, it gains applications of spikes and glitters, as well as prints or  colored soles.

Summer Sandals: How to Use?

The great advantage of summer sandals is that they are versatile. You can wear with short and long skirts, dresses, overalls, bath exits and shorts. The combinations depend only on your creativity. The tip is always to seek the balance in the visual: before a flashy footwear, prefer a more neutral clothing.

In the case of  flatforms,for example, the sandal is not a mere  accessory in the look : it will certainly draw attention. Therefore, it is worth casting the composition with a plain dress or a blouse without prints. Harmony is fundamental. Already cleaner models marry well with clothes in more colorful shades. Thus, there is no way to go wrong.

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