Eye-Plug, The Secondary Camera for Your Mobile That Will Create Content 3D for 30 Euros

In recent months we have seen how manufacturers have featured smartphones with double rear camera. Something that we saw with the HTC One M8 a few years ago and more recently have seen in Huawei P9 or LG G5. It catches your attention this but your phone only has a camera? Perhaps managed you Eye-Plug, a camera accessory that makes the times of secondary camera.

It is a small camera that connects USB port type-c (so at the moment there is only a model compatible with Android) which simply allows that our phone has a dual camera, both back and front. As shown in Engadget was one of the devices that were presented at the technology fair in Taipei Computex 2016.

Plug and rec

The operation of this device can not be easier. The device connects to the USB port and you can take pictures or videos depending on the option that you select in the app. As it is the case with mobile phones with two lenses, Eye-Plug allows to “refocus”, i.e. you can choose what element focus in photography after taking.

The device rotates so that we can switch in combination with the front and rear camera. And what besides the make 3D videos to display with virtual reality goggles, which can use to one of the simple cardboard.

A photo published by Eye-Plug (@eye_plug) 21 may 2016 (s) 12:02 PDT

Low cost 3D

The product is not yet on sale (a launch expected by the end of the year), and indeed still do not know enough important information such as the camera as for Megapixel, opening and other features. But what we anticipate from Eye-Plug is the price, $35, and they are apparently working on the iPhone version.

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