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Taking advantage of the 3-year anniversary of the Male Canal that occurs today (15/05), we set up our already traditional list of posts directed to men of style that want to improve more and more your dress, your care of grooming and the way they treat their clothes. Who ever follows us for ages, as our thank you, can you check if you didn’t leave a post going on this past year, who has now arrived, welcome and get ready, because the journey is long, but we hope that it will be enjoyable and rewarding!; )

Below is the selection of the posts of the third year of the Male Canal :

Style tips

  • What are the elements that make up the Male Style?
  • Tip: Using the Tuxedo Jacket in Casual Looks
  • What is the correct height of the Jeans?
  • How to use Scarves and Scarves with style – a guide for men
  • What it is and how to use the Chesterfield Coat
  • What is Normcore and Why you don’t need to worry about it
  • 6 Blazers Light Male for summer
  • 10 tips on how to wear Jeans Destroyed Male
  • Micro Prints tie invaded the men’s Shirts
  • 5 tips for using Blazer with a shirt untucked
  • 15 tips on how to use the bow tie in Formal or casual Looks
  • Why Avoid the Cambinação of Prints on ties, scarves and cufflinks
  • Tips for using Race Shirts in the city or the beach During the summer
  • How to use t-shirts and Shirts with Raglan Sleeves
  • 10 Commandments To Be a man With more style in 2015
  • What is the right length of men’s Shorts?
  • Giving Up on Casual Clothes To Work
  • How to use Jacket With Shirt on Looks for men
  • How to use Turtleneck (or Necks) Male
  • How to use the vest of Tailoring With Casual Looks t-shirt
  • Tip: don’t wear to call
  • Attention, dress To Impress
  • Where to use the Pocket handkerchief beyond the Jacket and Blazer
  • What it is and how to use the versatile Cardigan in Male Looks
  • Denim washes, guide how and where to use them


  • 8 tips for Looks With Jacket for winter
  • 3 Blazers Options for winter and how to use them
  • Suggestions of Male Looks Using Parka
  • 10 Suggestions of Male Looks With Scarves and Stoles
  • How to dress in layers in the winter – a guide for men
  • Types of Male Attire For the workplace
  • 5 suggestions for combinations with Short Sleeve Shirt
  • How to combine Jeans with Jeans in Fashion
  • Male Looks Neutral To 12 spring and Summer
  • 4 Suggestions of Looks with Color Shorts and Denim Shirt
  • Tips and suggestions for using Look with white pants
  • Male looks For new year’s Eve Fleeing the traditional “Total White”
  • See how to use Docksides and Suggestions of Looks With the Shoe
  • 5 Washes of Jeans and 10 Suggestions of Male Looks with them
  • 7 Suggestions of Looks For autumn and winter Using Boots


  • 5 men’s Boots for winter 2014
  • Tip: Boots Are Also Worth Colored Laces
  • Men’s Shoes For Formal Events
  • What is the difference Between Docksides, Top-sider, Boat Shoe and Deck Shoe?
  • What are the Plimssol Style Shoes?
  • What differentiates Them from most boots?

Practical tips

  • Learn to Recognize Your face shape
  • 10 tips for when buying dress shoes New
  • 20 tips to improve Your photos Looks
  • Tip: how to do the shirt does not appear under your shirt
  • How long does it take to Assemble the Ideal Male Wardrobe?
  • You know the right way to Tie Your Sneakers for the gym?

Health and beauty

  • 6 Male Haircuts and ointments and Shaping Appropriate Waxes
  • 10 Tips For choosing a new haircut
  • 6 hair products: Washing the Hair and modeling
  • What is the difference between folders, waxes and ointments For the hair?
  • Summer skin care tips for Men
  • Grooming care of Hollywood celebrities

Colors, patterns and prints

  • Winter Fashion colors
  • 8 examples of how Vary the prints and patterns of their shirts
  • Tip: how to combine two pieces of Similar Chess Patterns
  • What is the difference Between Dip and Dye Tie Dye?

Care, storage and conservation of clothes

  • How To Know If You’re Enjoying Your Clothes Properly
  • 8 tips to treat your clothes With care and respect
  • Tip: be careful With the details on the purchase Clothes
  • Tip: Don’t Throw Away Your Old Shoes
  • 4 examples of how to fold his shirts Properly
  • How to use and take care of the Belts Properly
  • Video: how to clean and Preserve Your Basic Jeans


  • Men’s sunglasses With Transparent Frame
  • The story of Ray-Ban Clubmaster and the Browline Glasses
  • Flower Fold: A different way to fold a suit Pocket handkerchief
  • What is the Ideal Width of the bow tie?
  • 10 Male Accessories Great for gift giving Or Be Presented
  • Men’s belts: what are the most suitable Models?

Men’s fashion

  • Men’s shirts with Rounded Collar
  • 13 Timeless Masculine Clothes that are on top of the Trends
  • What are the types of underwear and which one is right for you?
  • The Steampunk Aesthetic and Fashion

Suits and Cia.

  • Tip: When the Brown Shoe Combines With black suit
  • Tip: Which Shoe to use With custom or Navy Suit


  • What the man should not dress in a Formal Wedding
  • What to wear to a beach wedding-Looks For grooms and Guests

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