Decoration Lightboxes

Today, visiting Emily Henderson’s website, an interior designer who has an interesting program on decoration (Secrets from a Stylist), I went with the before and after this room, which I decided to show and analyze with you:

This is the before. Can you list the points that “destroy” this room? The most obvious, at first is the mess of papers, books, stuffed boxes of things and scattered all over the corner, right? But there is one more important, also caused by this mess and you can see in your (from yourself) way of looking at the photo: Your eyes are not running from one place to another? I’m sure yes!And you know why?-IT IS! Because there is no focal point ! Nothing that catches your eye and directs your eyes. This is the biggest problem in this room.

Of course there are problems like-the colors of floor, ceiling and walls all the same, the excess of the beige without a relevant contrast, the many furniture and all leaning against the wall, the heavy and old-fashioned curtains, a blur of areas, and etc, etc…. But the lack of the focal pointmakes everything worse absurdly.

And what did Emily do? Of course, right? Created a focal point!

Are you going to tell me that your look now did not go directly to the bookshelf down there?

The “cleaning” of the area was absurdly necessary, of course. You can see that the environment has become simpler and more empty, some furniture has been removed, others have been changed (the table has one with drawers to hold papers and there are other furniture to store them) the horrible curtains changed by light, clear curtains that Light boxes come in and show the beautiful windows better; here at you can get more different models and styles. The ceiling has been cleared and the walls painted in a blue that matches too much with the dark blue of the windows. Anyway, a lot has been done.

But if this bookcase were not there, exactly where his eyes would still drift aimlessly through the room.

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