Corset Diet: Do Not Try This at Home!

An outdated fashion accessory is coming to life thanks to its new reputation.

Women who want to gradually reduce their waistline are using corset as an alternative method to lose weight.

Called the “corset diet, ” this new strategy for weight loss consists of wearing a corset two to four hours a day at the beginning of the diet, increasing the time by 30 minutes each week, until the period of 10 to 12 hours day.

While many doctors warn of the potential for serious bodily harm, diet advocates say that the corset works as a sort of non-surgical method of fat elimination., a UK company specializing in this type of diet, informs on its website that this “gentle embrace” of corset reduces hunger and leads to weight loss.

The method could also work to alter a person’s bone structure by compressing the chest, an idea similar to using the orthodontic appliance to align the teeth.

Dangerous Diet

Medical experts say there is no reason for women to wear a corset in order to lose weight.Worse: it is a dangerous trend that can harm health.

“Long-term use of a corset can hurt the internal organs, damage the skin and make it difficult to breathe. In fact, lack of oxygenation as a result of corset use may contribute to the metabolic syndrome and result in weight gain. “, Says bariatric physician Jyotindra Shah, for the Huffington Post website .

The renowned obesity specialist, Dr. Sherry Pagoto, is also against this new method.

“This is yet another fad diet with no foundation, to take advantage of people who need guidance on how to develop healthy lifestyles to reduce disease risk.”

“Seeking the help of a nutritionist, exercise physiologist and / or behavioral psychologist is the most promising way to achieve a healthy weight.” Complete Pagoto.

And you, how far would you go to lose weight?

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